Playing the Field: NFL coaches are angry, plus NASCAR fight!

It's a lonely time for Norv in San Diego.

There was a whole lot of angst going on in the sports world yesterday.

We’re not sure why everyone was cracking on Sunday, but from the football field to the race track, everyone was looking for a fight.

We start with the NFL roundup, where a few coaches feeling the pressure finally cracked in their postgame press conferences. Norv Turner, who might finally get fired (at least if Eric Stangel gets his wish), snapped at a reporter when asked if the team’s loss to the Buccaneers was “acceptable.” Spoiler Alert: He didn’t think it was acceptable.

Eagles head coach Andy Reid also had a minor meltdown after the game. Reid might as well just start packing up his office after yesterday’s loss to the Cowboys. He’s been fired by every fan, who were chanting “Fire Andy” much of the game.

He basically admitted after the game he didn’t know what was going on.

“Right now, we are what we are,” Reid told reporters after the loss. “So we have to change that around, and I believe we have the players to do that.”

Uh huh. That inspires a lot of confidence, especially since you’ve said the same thing EVERY WEEK. A group of fans told Reid exactly what they thought during the second half of the game, courtesy of New York Times reporter Brian Stelter, who was watching from the stands.

There were actually multiple signs, including this one the Delaware News-Journal snapped.

Jets head coach Rex Ryan also got a little testy with the media after they asked whether he’d bench Mark Sanchez for Tim Tebow. As everyone in the world predicted before the season, the questions have persisted week after week. Rex again said he’ll stick with Sanchez.

“I don’t care what you think, or anybody else thinks, I believe in him,” Ryan said.


The testiness extended to NASCAR yesterday, where the Chase for the Championship was down to just two races to go. Clint Bowyer was third in the standings going in and wasn’t too happy when Jeff Gordon intentionally cut him off and caused him to crash with just over a lap left in the race.

Well things got even crazier as the two pit crews started brawling on pit road after Gordon pulled into the garage. The two crews started exchanging blows, with Gordon somewhere in the mess up people. And once Bowyer pulled his car over, he started sprinting toward the melee. He had to be physically restrained as he tried to charge into Gordon’s trailer.

Just another day at the track.

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