The Live Feed: How the Patriots edged the Jaguars in real time

Stevan Ridley was benched by Bill Belichick Sunday. Credit: Getty Images

How the Pats downed the Jags, 23-16, in real time:

1:03 p.m. EDT -18-yard catch by Justin Blackmon on the 1st play of the game, classic Chad Henne throw.

1:05-10-yard catch and run by Cecil Shorts III on 3rd and 3.

1:06-14-yard run by the University of Maine’s Montell Owens.

1:07-12-yard catch by Owens.

1:08-9-yard catch by Marcedes Lewis.

1:08-5-yard run by Richard Murphy down to the New England 3.

1:09-If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that the Patriots are trying to lose this game. 3-yard touchdown catch by Blackmon, 7-0 Jaguars.

1:15-Pass interference on Jacksonville after Tom Brady looked for Brandon Lloyd on the Patriots’ first play.

1:16-Brady targeted Stevan Ridley down the field but he bobbles it and it’s picked off by Chris Prosinski. Ridley had a carry before that but it’s still a little worrisome that his turnover issues continue. Brady made a perfect throw.

1:19-8-yard catch by Shorts.

1:19-5-yard run by Owens.

1:21-11-yard run by Owens.

1:22-Marquice Cole and Vince Wilfork tackle Murphy for a 3-yard loss.

1:22-9-yard catch by Lewis.

1:23-41-yard field goal by Josh Scobee, Jaguars lead 10-0. No reason to panic since I’ve concluded that this game and result mean absolutely nothing.

1:26-32-yard catch by Michael Hoomanawanui.

1:27-7-yard catch by Wes Welker.

1:28-23-yard run by Ridley, 7-yard run by Ridley as they go no-huddle.

1:29-9-yard run by Ridley.

1:30-After a 2-yard run by Ridley and incomplete passes to Aaron Hernandez and Lloyd, the Patriots are forced to settle for a 25-yard field goal by Stephen Gostkowski. 10-3 Jacksonville.

1:32-Playtime is over, Brady is shown shaking his arm on the sideline after Jason Babin hit it on the last drive.

1:34-36-yard catch by Jordan Shipley.

1:35-4-yard run by Murphy.

1:36-That’s the Henne I remember, he overthrows Lewis. Scobee hooks a 43-yard field goal wide left. Only his third miss of the season for Scobee.

1:38-11-yard catch by Welker.

1:38-2nd interception by Brady as Derek Cox cuts in front of Lloyd to take it away. Nice play, not a great throw by Brady.

1:40-53-yard catch by Owens on a screen pass. This is dumb.

End of 1st quarter: Jaguars 10, Patriots 3. Jacksonville will have it 1st and 10 at New England’s 21 when the 2nd quarter starts. It is strange that the Patriots seemingly don’t care but hey, in Bill We Trust. Am I right?

1:42-9-yard catch by Shorts.

1:43-Holding on Jacksonville.

1:44-5-yard catch by Lewis on a pathetic throw by Henne to the sideline.

1:45-35-yard field goal by Scobee, Jaguars lead 13-3.

1:50-Brady gets crushed on 3rd down by Babin and throws an incomplete pass. Well this game has been awful thus far.

1:52-8-yard run by Murphy. Way more interesting is a shot of Brady yelling at the entire offensive unit on the sideline. This is bizarre.

1:54-Haha 3rd and 1, Henne throws an incompletion. The Jaguars are so inept, it is painful to watch.

1:57-4-yard run by Brandon Bolden.

1:58-Belichick is shown on the sideline talking to the defense while they sit on the bench.

1:58-13-yard catch by Hernandez.

1:58-6-yard catch by Deion Branch.

1:59-Another 6-yard catch by Branch, who gets crushed but still holds on.

2:00-24-yard catch and run by Danny Woodhead on a screen pass.

2:01-4-yard run by Woodhead.

2:02-Illegal motion by Hernandez wipes out a 1st down catch by him. This forces Belichick to chug some Gatorade/grain alcohol/egg nog on the sideline. It’s been that type of half.

2:03-Brady’s throw was tipped and it should have been his third interception. Gostkowski booms a 49-yard field goal, improbably the Patriots make it a one-score game: Jaguars 13, Patriots 6.

2:09-Holding on Jacksonville.

2:10-6-yard catch by Isaiah Stanback.

2:11-Tracy White blitzes Henne, untouched up the middle and the former Dolphins great nearly throws in interception deep in his own territory. New England gets the ball back after a punt and believe it or not, they could tie it up before halftime.

2:12-8-yard catch by Daniel Fells.

2:14-6-yard catch by Welker.

2:17-8-yard catch by Welker.

2:18-Solomon Wilcots just referred to the Patriots tight ends as “Gonzalez and Fells.” Ugh.

2:18-A couple catches for Welker and an 8-yard catch by Lloyd.

2:20-Haha and we’re tied. 14-yard touchdown catch by a wide open Woodhead. 13-13. Any other team would be up 20 points on the Patriots, well done Jaguars.

2:23-9-yard catch by Blackmon.

2:24-19-yard catch by Shipley, who gets blasted by Steve Gregory but hangs on. Too bad there was no time left in the 1st half.

Halftime: Patriots 13, Jaguars 13. Ugliest 1st half of the season for New England yet they are in control since they have settled down now plus they get the 2nd half kickoff.

2:38-9-yard catch by Lloyd.

2:39-5-yard run by Ridley.

2:40-Nice 16-yard grab by Lloyd.

2:40-Lloyd is on fire, 14-yard catch.

2:41-Pretty cutback move by Ridley ends in a 12-yard run.

2:43-Defensive end Jeremy Mincey bats a pass intended for Woodhead down, impressive play by the big guy deep in coverage. 38-yard field goal by Gostkowski gives New England its first lead of the day, 16-13.

2:47-5-yard catch by Shorts.

2:48-Pass interference on Kyle Arrington.

2:49-5-yard run by Owens.

2:49-White tackles Owens for a loss of 2.

2:52-4-yard run by Ridley.

2:54-3-and-out for New England after Hernandez gets a case of alligator arms and Branch drops a 3rd down pass.

2:57-6-yard run by Murphy.

2:58-Henne scrambles for 7 yards then trips over his own goofy feet. This really happened.

3:01-Arrington tackles Owens for a loss of 2.

3:02-Haha Henne throws an ugly interception right to Cole. Wilcots calls it “a great read.” Yeah right, more like a CFL-level throw.

3:03-Brady ducks into a sack by Mincey but he gets helped out by the cheap helmet-to-helmet penalty. That’s a break for the Patriots.

3:04-C.J. Mosley with a 7-yard loss on a sack of Brady.

3:04-7-yard catch by Lloyd.

3:05-New England’s offensive line has been awful today, Brady is getting hit way too much for my liking.

3:08-6-yard catch by Greg Jones.

3:09-Brandon Deaderick knocks down Henne’s pass. I guess the real Henne has shown up since his good start.

3:10-4-yard run by Ridley.

3:11-Welker with a 9-yard run on a reverse.

3:12-4-yard run by Ridley.

3:12-Pretty diving 25-yard catch by Welker gets the Patriots in the red zone.

3:13-6-yard run by Ridley.

3:13-8-yard catch by Lloyd.

3:13-Bolden for whatever reason decides to dive over the line, too bad he was way too far away. He lands at the 1 which is where the Patriots will have it to start the 4th quarter (2nd and Goal).

End of 3 quarters: Patriots 16, Jaguars 13. If New England can punch it in here, that could be game over since Henne hasn’t done anything positive (for his team) since the second quarter.

3:15-Bolden stuffed for a 1-yard loss.

3:17-2-yard touchdown catch by Welker, goodnight Jacksonville. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. Patriots up 23-13, what awful start? That makes it 20 straight points for the good guys.

3:21-15-yard run by Henne.

3:22-4-yard catch by Shipley.

3:23-18-yard catch by Blackmon.

3:23-4-yard run by Murphy.

3:24-4-yard catch by Shorts.

3:25-Wilcots just called Rob Ninkovich a “promising young player.” Umm ok.

3:25-6-yard run by Owens.

3:26-Dont’a Hightower has played well today, he timed a hit on Murphy perfectly to knock the ball loose but not be called for pass interference. 42-yard field goal for Scobee is good, Jaguars cut it to 23-16.

3:30-This game apparently is Jacksonville’s biggest crowd since 2005, somewhere Bob Kraft smiles.

3:30-It looked like Lloyd made a catch but the referees said no.

3:31-4-yard catch by Welker.

3:32-3-and-out by the Patriots, Jaguars will get the ball back with a chance to tie it.

3:35-9-yard catch by Blackmon.

3:35-17-yard catch by Blackmon.

3:36-5-yard catch by Shipley.

3:36-18-yard catch and run by Shorts, who broke Devin McCourty’s tackle attempt for a much longer gain.

3:37-9-yard catch by Owens gets it down to the New England 8.

3:39-5-yard catch by Blackmon.

3:39-Jones gets taken down for no gain, at the 1. Some scrub Jaguars tight end gets called for a false start. This is why they are 2-12.

3:40-Hightower gets New England’s first sack of the game, 5-yard loss by Henne.

3:44-7th red zone takeaway for the Patriots (leads the NFL) as Chandler Jones hits Henne, forcing a wobbly pass that was picked off by Patrick Chung.

3:47-6-yard catch by Welker. 18th career game with 10+ catches for Welker, which breaks Jerry Rice’s NFL record for most all-time.

3:48-14-yard catch and run by Hoomanawanui, big 1st down for the Patriots on 3rd down.

3:52-Major props to Kevin Harlan who just dropped a Football Outsiders reference. That has to be a first in NFL broadcast history.

3:53-Brady gets sacked by Troy Alualu. Henne gets another chance to tie it up. Jacksonville starts at their own 38, with no timeouts and 59 seconds remaining.

3:54-Chung gets called for a really stupid penalty, hitting Shorts when he was defenseless. The referees combined to throw approximately 20 flags.

3:57-Jones forces Henne to rush a throw, incomplete. It’s 4th and 10 for the Jaguars.

3:58-17-yard catch by Tony Clemons so it’s not over yet. McCourty has played cornerback today, don’t ask me why when he’s been so solid at safety this season.

4:03-18-yard catch by Shipley, Jaguars have it at the Patriots 12. Gulp.

4:03-Henne throws high for a double-covered Clemons. Five seconds left, this will be the last play barring a penalty.

4:04-Haha, Henne lobs it into the end zone, Chung picks it off. A fitting end to a lump of crap game. Patriots survive 23-16 which means something since the Texans lost 23-6 to the Vikings. New England is still alive for a Top-2 seed in the AFC, Broncos kick off against the Browns in a few minutes.


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