The Live Feed: How the Patriots and Ravens played out in real time

Fans at the Cask 'N Flagon did not go home happy Sunday night.

How the AFC Championship between the Ravens and Patriots played out in real time:

6:37-Ray Lewis is shown crying during the National Anthem, I know that song always brings out the tears in me.

6:41-5-yard run by Stevan Ridley on the first play of the game.

6:42-9-yard catch by Aaron Hernandez.

6:43-5-yard run by Ridley.

6:44-Tom Brady goes deep to Wes Welker but he can’t make the diving catch. Really tough one, not his fault.

6:45-Pats line up to punt but then shift with Ryan Mallett behind center. That forces the Ravens to burn an early timeout. Did they really think New England would run that?

6:48-4-yard run by Ray Rice.

6:49-Rice drops a swing pass on 3rd down so Baltimore goes three-and-out on their first possession.

6:50-2 holding penalties on the Patriots on the punt return, sweet.

6:53-8-yard catch by Brandon Lloyd.

6:54-8-yard catch by Hernandez.

6:55-13-yard catch by Lloyd, who holds on despite a good hit by Ed Reed.

6:57-10-yard catch and run by Hernandez.

6:58-16-yard catch by Lloyd, he is off to a superb start.

6:58-A reverse by Hernandez goes for 6 yards.

6:59-31-yard field goal by Stephen Gostkowski gets New England on the board, 3-0.

7:02-John Harbaugh yells “come on Tony,” at the referee after the Ravens are called for a block in the back on the kickoff return.                    

7:03-Robert Kraft is shown scooping out chili for tailgaters. Rob Gronkowski is sitting in Kraft’s box, subdued, sober and fully clothed.

7:04-17-yard catch by Vonta Leach.

7:06-Ravens are called for a false start on 3rd down.

7:07-Aqib Talib knocks down a pass intended for Anquan Boldin on 3rd down. Nice play and another three-and-out for Baltimore.

7:10-7-yard run by Shane Vereen on his first touch of the game.

7:11-8-yard catch by Hernandez and 15-yard penalty on Lewis for a helmet-to-helmet hit.

7:14-Lloyd stumbles and drops a tough catch on 3rd down. Patriots punt and Zoltan Mesko pins them at the 7.

7:15-11-yard run by Bernard Pierce.

7:16-Dennis Pitta was wide open but Joe Flacco put it a little too far. Ravens are forced to punt again, great return by Welker for 28 yards.

7:19-8-yard catch by Hernandez.

7:20-Pats aren’t taking advantage of the Ravens doing nothing on offense. Mesko punts it and Reed fair catches it at the 10.

7:21-Talib is questionable to return with a hamstring injury, he was hopping on one leg and grabbing it after his deflection.

End of 1 quarter: Patriots 3, Ravens 0. Who will make the first major mistake or play?

7:24-3-yard catch by Leach, Jerod Mayo caused a fumble but it rolled out of bounds before he could grab it.

7:25-17-yard catch by Pitta on 3rd down.

7:26-11-yard catch by Rice in the flat.

7:27-8-yard catch by Pierce on a swing pass.

7:28-4-yard run by Pierce, Alfonzo Dennard hits him hard right on the Patriots sideline.

7:28-Play action fake by Flacco, 25-yard catch by Torrey Smith.

7:29-8-yard run by Rice.

7:29-5-yard run by Rice down to the 2, 1st and Goal.

7:30-Pitta catches it out bounds on a fade to the corner of the end zone.

7:31-Rice breaks two tackles and gets in, 2-yard TD run. 7-3 Ravens.

7:36-Good sign as Talib is shown walking back to field from the locker room. Dramatic.

7:38-3-yard run by Ridley then 15-yard personal foul on Dannell Ellerbe for pushing a Dan Connolly  in the face after the play.

7:39-7-yard catch by Welker.

7:39-7-yard run by Ridley then quick snap and a 4-yard run by Ridley.

7:40-24-yard catch by Welker on a beautifully designed screen pass.

7:41-8-yard run by Ridley to the Baltimore 8.

7:41-6-yard catch by Hernandez.

7:44-1-yard TD catch for Welker, who lined up behind Lloyd but no Raven followed him. He was wide open in the corner, haha Gronk loved it. Awkward rich guy high fives for everybody! 14-7 Patriots.

7:47-Kyle Arrington tackles Jacoby Jones at the 14 after a short kickoff return. Another long field for Flacco and the Ravens.

7:49-Dennard and Dont’a Hightower force out Pierce after a loss of 1.

7:50-5-yard run by Pierce.

7:51-4-yard loss by Flacco on a 3rd down sack by Rob Ninkovich. Huge play and Welker returned the punt 15 yards to Baltimore’s 43. With 2:32 left, New England has a great chance to go up by two touchdowns here.

7:53-5-yard run by Ridley.

7:57-Haha Brady scrambles for 2 yards, it could have been more but he ran right into the back of a ref.

7:58-4th and 1, Pats direct snap it to Woodhead who runs for 7 yards. Brilliant call, New England takes a timeout.

8:00-Damn, Deion Branch was open in the end zone but Brady missed him.

8:01-Paul Kruger in coverage on Hernandez, yeah I’d say that’s a mismatch.

8:03-Brady scrambles for 3 yards but it wastes plenty of time and the Pats are slow to call timeout (for some unknown reason) so they have to settle for a 25-yard field goal. 13-7 Patriots.

Halftime: Patriots 13, Ravens 7. It feels like New England should be up by more, not just because they probably squandered four points there at the end of the half. The good news is that their defense has really shut down Baltimore except for that one drive. The Ravens will receive the 2nd half kickoff, they have to be content to only trail by six.

8:21-26-yard catch for Boldin on 3rd down, his 1st catch of the game.

8:21-Mayo and Spikes tackle Rice for a loss of 2.

8:23-The Patriots force the punt as Flacco can’t connect with anybody with a lollipop throw. New England starts at their own 9, their worst field position of the game.

8:26-6-yard catch by Lloyd.

8:27-5-yard run by Ridley.

8:28-5-yard catch by Hernandez.

8:29-24-yard catch by Welker plus 15 yards tacked on for a personal foul by public enemy No. 1 aka Bernard Pollard.

8:30-Welker drops a 3rd and 8 pass that would have been a first down, it was right in his hands. He’s gotta make that play tonight.

8:33-Pass interference on Dennard, he held Tandon Doss too much. Easy call.

8:35-22-yard catch and run by a wide open Pitta.

8:36-15-yard catch by Rice on a broken play, that was all him.

8:36-5-yard catch by Smith.

8:37-9-yard run by Pierce.

8:38-Jones had a step in the end zone but Flacco led him too far.

8:38-12-yard catch by Boldin, Ravens are really moving it. Talib is shown on the sidelines looking sad and wearing Vince Wilfork’s comically oversized jacket (or at least that’s what it looks like).

8:39-5-yard catch by Pitta who somehow holds on despite getting decleated by Mayo.

8:39-Wow, he might have a concussion but Pitta burned Steve Gregory for a 5-yard TD catch. Ravens up 14-13, their first lead of the game. 10 plays, 87 yards, 3:49. That was way too easy for Baltimore.

8:46-8-yard catch by Welker.

8:47-Holding penalty by Nate Solder negates a 3rd down conversion on a 3-yard catch by Woodhead.

8:49-Mesko punts after Brady misfires to Hernandez on 3rd and 12. Ugh, somebody for the Patriots has to make a play. They are not looking good at the moment, Brady is 1 for his last 5.

8:52-Rice is taken down on a screen pass for a loss of 4 by Hightower.

8:52-23-yard catch by Smith, Talib is sorely missed.

8:53-Patriots were called offsides.

8:55-11-yard run by Pierce on 3rd and 2. Patriots are missing way too many tackles.

8:57-8-yard catch by Boldin.

8:58-3-yard run by Rice, Ravens will have 1st and Goal from the 2.

After 3 quarters: Ravens 14, Patriots 13. New England has to step up, they are not doing anything well right now.

9:01-2-yd TD catch by Boldin, the defense wasn’t fooled but Flacco threw it high and he won the jump ball. Baltimore leads 21-13. Now would be a good time for Brady and the offense to score.

9:03-9-yard run by Ridley.

9:04-12-yard catch and run by Lloyd. More of that please.

9:06-Bernard Pollard crushes Ridley with a helmet-to-helmet hit, knocking him out cold and also causing a fumble that Baltimore recovers at New England’s 47.

9:09-It’s reviewed and the call stands. 16-yard catch by Smith. At least Ridley is up and walking around, going to the locker room.

9:10-14-yard run by Flacco, really.

9:11-11-yard TD catch by Boldin, that sure takes the life out of Gillette Stadium. 21 unanswered points for the Ravens, they’re up 28-13. Yikes.

9:16-9-yard catch by Vereen. Ridley is not returning, he has a head injury.

9:17-5-yard catch by Welker. 13-yard catch by Vereen.

9:18-6-yard catch by Branch.

9:21-Patriots go for it on 4th and 4, Brady had a running lane but he threw against his body to Branch in the end zone. Predictably, it was incomplete. They are now on life support.

9:22-Flacco taken down by Ninkovich for a loss of 1.

9:23-For once, the Pats get some pressure as Spikes blitzes Flacco (untouched) up the middle and causes him to throw it harmlessly out of bounds.

9:24-No clue why the Ravens didn’t run it there, at least to kill some clock. Another incomplete pass from Flacco saves the Patriots some time. Good pressure by Ninkovich, Pats will take over at their own 40.

9:27-36-yard catch by Welker, their longest play of the game.

9:28-Geez, next play Pernell McPhee tips Brady’s pass and Ellerbe intercepts it. Goodnight everybody, drive home safely.

9:31-9-yard run by Rice.

9:32-2-yard run by Rice on 3rd and 1.

9:34-5-yard run by Pierce.

9:35-4-yard run by Leach.

9:36-5-yard run by Leach.

9:40-After the Ravens punt it back, 10-yard catch by Branch.

9:43-9-yard catch by Welker.

9:44-12-yard catch by Woodhead.

9:45-11-yard catch by Hernandez.

9:46-Cary Williams intercepts Brady in the end zone. That’ll do it, you can find me in Tim Thomas’ bunker until Super Bowl 47 is over. Yuck. What an awful 2nd half by the Patriots, the Ravens were the better team today and they deserved to win. New England’s defense still isn’t good enough to win a title and once Talib and Ridley joined Gronk on the sidelines, they didn’t have any playmakers other than Welker.

Final-Ravens 28, Patriots 13


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