Take a look inside a micro-apartment

The television stand slides to reveal a bar.

Thought your apartment was too small??Think again. 

The Museum of the City of New York  in conjunction with Citizens Housing & Planning Council  shows us what living in Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s micro units — apartments ranging from 250 to 370 square feet — will really feel like. 

Before we see the winning designs in September 2015,  visitors can get a taste at the exhibit titled “Making Room: New Models for Housing New Yorkers.” 

Clei s.r.l. and Resource Furniture as well as Amie Gross Architects created a model unit that takes advantage of every square inch of space in a home. 

Before you freak out with flashbacks to your post-college East Village shoe box, rest assured there is no bathtub in the kitchen in these innovative designs. The model features the best ammenities, a sleek interior and smart space saving solutions that you can even apply to your sprawling 500 square foot pad.

All photos by Miles Dixon/Metro

The kitchen is fully equipped with a refrigerator, freezer, microwave oven, dishwasher — and even a pull-out table. “It’s all about planning and making everything hyper-functional,” says Lisa Blecker of Resource Furniture, the company behind the interior design of the micro-apartment. For example, the pull-out table can neatly tuck under cabinet storage so it’s out of your way while you cook, but it’s large enough to host a small dinner party. 

Bedroom and living space  
The living space makes use of multifunctional furniture so that you can still have friends over. The bed seamlessly slides out of the wall and folds up into a couch, the television stand slides to reveal a bar and a desk chair can be folded into a stepladder.

The modern bathroom — outfitted with a heated toilet, a waterfall shower and faux-wood floors — has a spa-like feeling. Minimal, the company that designed the bathroom, recessed the medicine cabinet into the wall rather than have it protrude. The light under the bathtub also deceives the eyes to make the room appear bigger.

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