Five apps that will make you a better parent

Oh, what, you were going to use it to actually call someone?
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Whether you’re trying to figure out why the heck your baby won’t stop crying or are looking for a digital pediatrician so you can give your real one a break, here are five parenting weapons to keep in your back pocket.

App: Cry Translator
For: iOs
Price: $4.99

We’ve all been there. You’re out in public with your baby, and then the wailing starts. You’re willing to do anything to make it stop, including handing over your phone so your kid can play whatever game he or she wants to. Don’t panic, keep your phone and download Cry Translator. This app analyzes a baby’s cry and tells you what he or she wants, and gives helpful suggestions. And thankfully, it only takes 10 seconds. In a clinical test, babies stopped crying 96 percent of the time after parents took the app’s suggestions.

App: WebMD Baby
For: iOs and Android
Price: Free

Chances are you already turn to WebMD every time your child gets a weird rash or has a cough, but the WebMD baby app is so much more than a symptom checker. You can actually use it to manage sleeping and feeding times as well as track growth. Just tell the app your child’s age and you’ll get new articles about his or her peer group each week as well as a new doctor-approved tip each day.

App: GPS Tracker Pro
For: Android
Price: Free

If you have a tween or teen, this app is a must. It tells you where he or she is roaming around the city by tracking his or her cellphone. You can also input boundaries and get notifications if your wandering child goes outside of them. That will put an end to those “where were you” questions!

App: Intuition+:Mom’s Personal Assistant
For: iOs
Price: Free

Stay on top of your schedule and your kids’ schedules with this handy organizer. You can give each family member or type of activity (doctor’s appointment, violin lessons, day care) a different color. There are also places to keep your recipes, shopping lists and other important info.

App: SitORSquat: Bathroom Finder
For: iOS
Price: Free

You know how kids are: When they have to go, they have to go. You’ll no longer be caught searching for a bathroom thanks to this Charmin-fueled app. It helpfully pulls up a map of all the public bathrooms near you. We’re sure this app has prevented a lot of accidents.

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