Beauty products to steal from your boyfriend

Late night, home to his, no beauty products in tow, so it’s his grimey soap or nothing.  We’ve all been there. But wait, what’s this? A whole cabinet of his products that we a) had been oblivious to and b) hadn’t been invited to use….yet. Now we’ve found them. The only thing we’re missing now is straighteners and scrunchies. Boys?

Jack Black
Jack Black’s range of wash products are as appealing to girls as to guys, and ultimately do the same job: that being to clean us. If you hate the sickly sweet smell of floral body washes and fruity cleansers, this is perfect for you.

If the ever ubiquitous trusty tin of Nivea cream doesn’t agree with your complexion, try MenScience’s Face Lotion. It smells fresh and isn’t overpowering, it’s rich and effective, plus, we’d be lying if we didn’t say we loved the look of the minimal packaging on our bathroom shelves too.

Some facial moisturizers that promise the earth (anti-aging, tone-correcting, elasticity refining and so on) also leave us almost reflective with a sheen. Bulldog’s Original moisturizer is different. It’s just a moisturizer. No frills, no flounces, that’s it. And sometimes, that’s exactly what we want. The Original Moisturiser is one of our favourite products in the range. Packed with essential oils, green tea, vitamin E, konjac mannan, it serves to leave your skin smooth, soft and hydrated.

Creed Fragrance
You’re at his house, you forgot your perfume, can you really get away with a spritz of his cologne? If it’s Creed he’s stashing, and the answer is yes. Whether you go for the Original Santal scent, the Original Vetitver or the Neroli Sauvage, prepare to be impressed as these fragrances manage to be just as appealing on him as they are on you.

FIT Skincare
FIT Skincare is a new clinically developed line especially for dudes; the range focuses on body sculpting and anti-ageing, with the likes of a Pec & Ab Sculpt and a Slim & Tone gel, but it’s the Lip-Solve we’re obsessed with. Thick, rich and shine-free, this balm protects from sun damage whilst repairing and hydrating.

Scaramouche & Fandango
‘Exfoliating doesn’t have to be a sand blasting session,’ says the tube of Scaramouche & Fandango’s face scrub. Finally, a product that understands us. We’re sick of picking face scrubs that are one extreme or the other — either barely noticeable or rough and  painful.  S&F’s ‘cell energising’ face scrub contains micro beads and prickly pear extract, which offer perfect pore-cleansing but without painful exfoliation.

I think many of us would agree in saying that men’s razors are, as a rule of thumb, better than women’s. And none more so than Gillette. They’re sturdy and they glide well. They don’t rust two uses in. And most importantly, they catch all of the hairs.

Lab Series
Technically it’s for guys, but how many guys do you know who wear (or at least admit to wearing) a BB cream? Granted, your beau might not have this on his bathroom shelf at present, but advise him to invest so that you can use it instead. Lightweight and relatively translucent, Lab Series’ BB cream evens out your skin tone and gives you a good, non-shiny even base.

REN Skincare
Granted this product range is marketed as unisex, how many of us ladies would ever pick up an aftershave balm or shaving oil? If you’re a DIY hair removal kind of gal, we’ll bet ingrown hairs, shaving nicks and dry skin are daily occurrences, right? For a smoother, closer shave, try using REN Shaving Oil before you take to the razor, and like magic, you’ll also notice far fewer nicks.

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