Come on, get off your duff!

We live in a society obsessed with not just looking good, but looking young and fabulous; being not just slim, but sample-size skinny. Botox injections are becoming as commonplace as moisturizing cream. Even men are regulars in tanning and waxing salons.

But for every gym-obsessed Hollywood wannabe, there are plenty of people still not exercising simply to maintain their health. Is it because of a lack of time, stress or are they just downright lazy?

Getting to the root of your lack of motivation
According to personal trainer Tracy Anderson, who has trained stars including Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna, most of us are after a quick fix solution when it comes to improving our lifestyle.

“People can become lazy after having been sold a false promise,” she says. “If you go out and buy an exercise DVD that promises to make you lose X amount in one week and nothing happens, then you will be reluctant to do it again. The result is that these small failures make them lose faith in their ability to either lose weight or become fitter. People are not always lazy for no reason, they could just be discouraged.”

And then there’s the triggers
We are all unique and inspired by different things — meaning some people will only commit to exercise if they feel part of something important.  

“Competition, music, vanity and circumstances (like breaking up with your partner or changing jobs) are all things that can trigger someone’s motivation,” explains Anderson, who witnesses this sort of resistance daily.

Turn around your slacker attitude

1 Start with a clean slate. Anderson says that most importantly, a lazy person should be receptive to being educated about the benefits of working out. The longer someone has been inactive, the harder it will be for them to get moving once again.

2 Change your mindset. Stop accepting all the things that come hand-in-hand with laziness. Instead of thinking, “I’m OK with cellulite and aging and my love handles,” think: “No, this is not OK. It’s hurting my health, my family and my career.”

3 Take it slow. Anderson is up front with her clients and never tricks them into thinking they should aim for short-term results. “You don’t want to tell someone they’ll have a perfect butt in two weeks. It’s not going to happen,” says Anderson.


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