Peter Coffin: The strange story of a boy, a model and his ‘girlfriend’

Kimi Kobayashi, who none of you know because she goes to school in the next school district and she has super-strict parents so she can't come out.

Last week, the Internet was all about making fun of innocent teenage girls. This week, the Internet is all about making fun of people who have been mean to you.

Days after a burglary victim posted an embarrassing video of his attacker dancing on YouTube, one Singaporean model has gotten revenge on her own online tormentor.

Xiaxue, real name Wendy Chen, is a Singaporean blogger/model with a huge online following in Asia. (Not so much in America, but go with it; it’s a good story, if true.) She somehow attracted the attention of a young fellow in Michigan named Peter Coffin, who took to personally insulting her all over Twitter. One example, from after Chen wrote about her nose job:

Congrats to @Xiaxue on being one step closer to an unattainable goal as well as being a shit role model. The wrong people succeed sometimes.

Ack! Chen says she then blocked Coffin, only to start receiving abuse from a girl called Kimi Kobayashi, who was apparently Coffin’s girlfriend. After Chen blocked Kobayashi, she disappeared from Twitter and tumblr.

Chen did some digging, and found that Kobayashi purported to be a Japanese-American living in New York. But her writing style sounded suspiciously like his. Her pictures seemed to be taken in Korea, and the captions seemed obsessed with Asians and strangely unfeminine. (Although Chen has written similar things in the past.) Despite having no pictures with Peter, he was the only person she interacted with.

Chen’s Xiaxue blog has even more peculiar details, but the short version is: ‘Kimi Kobayashi’ does not exist. The pictures are of a Korean named Lee Na Young. Though Metro can’t say for certain, it appears that Peter Coffin made an entire fake girlfriend for himself.

Coffin so far continues to maintain his innocence, posting on Reddit that he was duped by a Kobayashi impostor and sending legal threats to Chen.

Now, next to nothing in this story is verifiable; it could be that Coffin and Chen are in cahoots to create an elaborate second-level prank on all of us. But right now, it appears that one Internet jokester had his sad fake Internet romance called out by an international model. His one mistake, in retrospect? Unlike the Canadian girlfriends of lore, Internet girlfriends leave a trace. (via NowPublic)


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