Bethenny Frankel dishes on her new cleanse

Bethenny Frankel has introduced SkinnyGirl Daily.

Bethenny Frankel just wants to make your life a little easier. She’s
authored best-selling books and created the Skinnygirl Margarita (a
lighter twist on the classic calorie-bomb), the subsequent group of
Skinnygirl Cocktails, fitness DVDs and a line of slimming undergarments.
Now, she gives us Skinnygirl Daily, two different supplements —
Skinnygirl Cleanse & Restore and Skinnygirl Weight Management &
Energy — designed to aid in digestion. She spoke with Metro about the
new line.

Was Skinnygirl Daily always in the plan for your Skinnygirl brand?

was initially gonna be a book, because people keep asking me about
cleansing. I’ve fasted, I’ve juiced, I’ve done everything, so people
wanted me to write a book — and I probably will write a book — but I
realized how much confusion there is on cleansing. The word “detox,” the
word “cleansing,” people don’t know what it means, and the health food
stores do not help because the products in there are all quick fix. It’s
just not realistic, it’s not sustainable, it’s not gonna last. I’ve
always had issues with digestion and not drinking enough water and not
[eating] enough greens, so I decided to create something to just solve
that problem. [My business partner] thought it should be seven days, 14
days, 21 days and I said I think it should be daily, it should be
something that women can put in their purse and just have in their life
on a daily basis. I’m now in a great position where I have a trusted fan
base and I feel like it’s my responsibility to come up with solutions
for women’s problems, or just to just make life easier.

How is your line different from other cleansers on the market?

not harsh or extreme. It’s something you can take every single day and
decide if you want to take it once a day or twice a day, you make it
work for you. And it’s all-natural. A lot of products aren’t all-natural
— they have bright things to make it taste better or bright colors —
[this] is just an all-natural product that you can trust that keeps
things moving.

What’s a typical day of eating like for you?

don’t have a typical day. I like pizza, I like French fries. I eat
differently every single day. I think when you’re doing something like
this, you also feel a little bit healthier, so you’re not gonna be
eating the whole pizza and cheeseburger and cheesecake. But it’s not
about going on a crash diet either: The better foods you’re eating — the
more high fiber and vegetables and brown rice — the better the product
will work and the healthier you’ll just be and feel. It’s just an extra
little push.

Do you think your daughter will want to use this when she’s older?

she might, when she’s an adult. She’s already is doing it because I’m
feeding her asparagus and spinach every day and I make sure to give her
high fiber foods [like] quinoa and brown rice. She already is doing it
because I have the time to cook for her so she just sits there and gets
to benefit from that. If everybody had the time to everyday make
themselves kale and spinach and quinoa and brown rice they would be
doing it too. It’s an all-natural product — there’s nothing in there
that you couldn’t really find in foods if you ate enough of them. Bryn
has no problem. Things are moving for her.

Where do you find the time to cook?

doesn’t take that much time and I prepare in advance. Yesterday I made a
bunch of food for the next three days. And I freeze: I take ice cub
trays and I puree vegetables. Today I’m making chickpeas and spinach to
fill one of the ice cube trays. You just pop out a couple of cubes and
you have your meals. You pop it out and cook it in the saucepan.

What do you tell the naysayers of your cleanse?

haven’t been any naysayers. What are you gonna nay say, greens and
water and fiber? You’d be hard-pressed to find any nutritionist who
would have a big problem [with it]. The ingredients are clean.

What would you tell someone who’s hesitant to try the cleanse?

it’s just not hard. You can just take it at your office, when you’re
going away for the weekend. You can take it a much as you want. You
decide how you feel, and you’re gonna feel lighter and brighter, so who
wouldn’t want that? It’s one-to-two times a day. I take it once, because
I sometimes don’t remember to take it the second time, but on other
days I’ll take it twice. If you wanted to be on a more serious cleanse
and you really wanted to just eat vegetables and fruits, then you could
easily take it twice a day. Depends upon you. It’s made to be custom to
what you need.

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