PHOTOS: After Wall Street, OWS schedules rest of day


Zuccotti Park is filled with protesters, police and planning for the rest of the afternoon.

Protesters plan to be at Union Square for a march at 3 p.m., then take the subway to Foley Square and proceed across the Brooklyn Bridge.

So far, the day has been a success, said Senia Barragan, 25, an Occupy Wall Street spokeswoman and Columbia University graduate student.

Even though the 3 p.m. event is advertised at “Occupy the Subway,” and although dozens of cops are standing above and inside subway stations, Barragan said they are not trying to interrupt New Yorkers’ commutes.

“The goal is not to shut down the subway,” she said.

At 5 p.m., protester plan a “festival of lights” on the Brooklyn Bridge, where they will make their way from Foley Square, carrying lights across the the bridge into Brooklyn.

Protesters spent the morning walking back and forth from Battery Park City to Zuccotti Park, where some clashed with police as they kept changing the barricades and entrances around the park.  

The day began with a march on Wall Street, where Matt Roth, 41, a Lower East Side sound engineer and musician, said police stopped them near Pine and Nassau streets.

Then, he said, police officers ordered them off the street, because Roth said the group had bottlenecked at the barricades.

“It was slightly scary,” he told Metro.  


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