Oh Charlie! You’re such a card

Charlie taking a stroll near South Station.

The MBTA’s mascot made his first “in the flesh” appearance today, strolling around the Hub to promote the CharlieCard and the T’s new CharlieCard Store in Downtown Crossing.

A few hours after cruising around on a swan boat, Charlie took a walk down to the Red Line at South Station where he waved to riders, handed out CharlieCards, and posed for photos.

Children, in particular, were tickled by the friendly mascot: “I think he is very interesting because of the way he dresses,” said Desmond Mitchell.

Even some adults were aflutter at the sight of the big-headed man.

Rudy Childs, who had just gotten off of the Old Colony line from the South Shore chased Charlie down for a photograph outside South Station.

“It just kind of caught us off guard because we weren’t expecting someone to be dressed like that. But it’s Charlie, you can tell it’s Charlie from a mile away,” Childs said.

His buddy, who did not give his name, said “We want to find out how come Charlie is cutting the train service on the weekend,” he said, with good humor.

Some T customers gave Charlie a healthy razzing on Twitter, because who doesn’t enjoy teasing a mascot?

@DeanReddington tweeted, “How long until the new #MBTA mascot Charlie is caught sleeping on the job? #boston.”  ‏


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