Sarah Palin’s ‘Trig Hoax’: Liberals have a birther conspiracy of their very own

Was Sarah Palin's baby born in Kenya? We're not going to say for sure, but what does she have to hide?

Business Insider, with help from Gawker, last night re-opened a story that’s been percolating in the corners of the liberal blogosphere for more than two years now. The rumor goes like this: Bristol Palin got pregnant for the first time in early 2008, Sarah Palin wanted to avoid a scandal, Sarah Palin thus pretended the wee baby Trig was her own.

This is a story that has gotten next to no attention from a mainstream press terrified of the stench of crack-pottery that emanates foully off of it, but now it’s going slightly legitimate: Business Insider has tracked down Professor Bradford Scharlott of Northern Kentucky University, who has written an academic article claiming that the rumor is true.

Scharlott’s "evidence," in short:

»After going into labor during a trip to Texas, Palin took a 20-hour trip back to Alaska rather than give birth where she was.When she did return to Alaska, she went to a hospital that was "less-than-ideal" for delivering a special needs child.

»The hospital where Trig Palin was "supposedly born" never included Trig Palin on its list of babies born in the hospital. Accounts and reports of the birth are inconsistent and vague.

»Photos of Palin taken shortly before Trig’s birth (1, 2) show her with a flat stomach.

»When asked for assistance by an Anchorage Daily News reporter aiming to debunk the hoax rumors, Palin’s camp stonewalled her.

To cap off the story, Scharlott is asking, hilariously, for Palin’s camp to produce Trig Palin’s birth certificate.

Now, if you’ve read the piece and seen all the pictures, you might start to get convinced that the hoax is legitimate. There is a chance (a small, small chance, because we can never be sure of anything in this life) that you are right! But let’s think things through for a bit.

The photos seem to be the strongest arguments for the hoax’s validity. But this is the Internet; just because someone says a photo is legitimate does not make a photo legitimate. And once you get beyond that, the rumor seems to be nothing but a whole bunch of hot air.

Sarah Palin flew 10 hours to give birth in a substandard hospital? Of course she did — she’s Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin acted weird and paranoid around a reporter who was trying to help her? Of course she did — she’s Sarah Palin.

Yes, maybe Sarah Palin did steal her daughter’s illegitimate baby and force dozens of people to keep quiet about it, only to see that same daughter get pregnant for a second time months later. Or maybe Sarah Palin is a secretive nutjob who does all sorts of inexplicable things. You decide! (via Gawker)


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