Barack Obama’s birthday: 50 things you didn’t know about the Prez


Today Barack Obama turns 50! Happy birthday Barack!

In honor of the President’s milestone, we’ve assembled a list of 50 facts about Barack Obama, but some are true and some are false! Can you tell which is which?

1. Barack Obama hates ice cream.

2. Barack Obama received gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh on his birth.

3. Barack Obama named his daughter Sasha after the alleged Soviet mole who infiltrated the CIA during the Cold War.

4. Though he says he’s a Christian, Barack Obama has read every Harry Potter book.

5. Barack Obama’s name comes from Swahili, a language spoken in Kenya.

6. Barack Obama’s most embarrassing moment was when his teleprompter malfunctioned at his wedding.

7. Barack Obama is left-handed, a trait that in medieval times was identified with the Devil.

8. Barack Obama transferred out of Occidental College when he realized it wasn’t the one that David Foster Wallace would teach at. 

9. Barack Obama got a new Cabinet-level Department on his 16th birthday.

10.  Barack Obama hates the British for their role in crushing his Mau Mau rebellion.

11. Barack Obama enjoys playing poker, a game in which skilled players disguise their true motivations in order to win.

12. Barack Obama speaks Spanish.

13. Barack Obama is excited to see the new “Conan the Barbarian” but isn’t sure if Jason Mamoa can pull off the role.

14. Barack Obama broke his campaign promise to his wife to give up smoking.

15. Barack Obama actually looks like this real life; he pays Shepherd Fairy to Photoshop every picture of him into normal colors.

16. Barack Obama ate dog meat in Indonesia once and probably liked it.

17. Barack Obama says his favorite book is Moby Dick, which proves that he is a liar.

18. Barack Obama originally wanted to be Premier of the Soviet Union, and only decided he wanted to be President after the Berlin Wall fell.

19. Barack Obama’s spine was surgically removed at the age of 47 and replaced with clear plastic gel.

20. Barack Obama has smoked marijuana and snorted cocaine.

21. Barack Obama waited until 2004 to fully pay off his student loans.

22. Barack Obama’s first date with Michelle Obama was a showing of a
racially inflammatory film that climaxes with its black protagonists
heroically burning down a white-owned pizza shop.

23. Barack Obama insists that “Za” is a valid word every time he plays Scrabble.

24. Barack Obama’s favorite television show is “The Wire,” a show about a charismatic drug dealer who disguises his origins to infiltrate mainstream American society.

25. On a trip to Ireland Barack Obama tried to pose as a native by telling everyone his last name was O’Bama.

26. Barack Obama’s least-favorite magazine is Field & Stream.

27. Barack Obama once kept a pet monkey so it is not racist to compare him to one.

28. Barack Obama doesn’t drink coffee, which is one of the most popular beverages in America.

29. Barack Obama’s nickname in high school was “O’Bomber.”

30. Barack Obama’s favorite actor is James Franco.

31. Barack Obama’s favorite dish is shrimp linguini, a dish from Europe.

32. Barack Obama can bench-press as much weight as Republicans say they’ll let him bench-press.

33. Barack Obama’s Senate desk once belonged to a Senator who some believe killed Marilyn Monroe.

34. Barack Obama’s favorite TV station is ESPN3.

35. Barack Obama wears size 11 shoes.

36. Barack Obama doesn’t watch CNN and probably prefers the BBC or even Al-Jazeera.

37. Barack Obama walked out of his brother-in-law’s bachelor party when the stripper arrived.

38. Barack Obama while growing up went by “Barry” to blend in, only revealing his true name once he was at an American college.

39. Barack Obama only needs three more awards to get his EGOT.

40. Barack Obama’s zodiac sign is Leo. A typical Leo is confident, ambitious and a socialist.

41. Barack Obama was a fan of “John from Cincinnati”

42. Barack Obama’s favorite Cabinet secretary is Kenneth Salazar.

43. Barack Obama owns a set of boxing gloves signed by a radical Muslim who has criticized U.S. foreign policy.

44. Barack Obama tried growing a beard to be more like Riker from “The Next Generation,” but it didn’t look good on him.

 45. Barack Obama is a fan of black nationalist band The Fugees.

46. Barack Obama’s favorite Tarantino movie is “Jackie Brown.”

47. Barack Obama’s favorite President is himself.

48. Barack Obama doesn’t get why the Grey Poupon scene in “Wayne’s World” is so funny.

49. Barack Obama’s favorite drink is black forest berry iced tea.

50. Barack Obama is actually a hologram.

How many did you get?

Special thanks to the Daily Telegraph for many of the real facts.


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