Today in politics: 1-min. rundown

Public Policy Polling data show Rick Santorum with a 29 to 27 percent lead over 
Mitt Romney in Minnesota. The Romney campaign has noticed, sending out three Santorum attacks in the past 24 hours.

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There’s never enough space on these tiny pages to address the true day-to-day breadth of U.S. politics. As such, we take a break from the minutia of single issues to delve deeper into the minutia of the campaign at large. Here we present a few interesting stories from around the Web for your quick and painless digestion.

Campaign 2012: Get FED

Reagan tax guru breaking the spell

“Why the GOP should stop invoking Reaganomics”,

Bruce Bartlett laments the Republican trend toward a no-tolerance policy on taxes,
especially in light of references to right-wing icon Ronald Reagan. He writes: “But as the person who drafted the 1981 Reagan tax cut, I think Republicans misunderstand the premises upon which Reagan’s economic policies were based and why those policies can’t — and shouldn’t — be replicated today.”

“I don’t think you’ll ever find me talking about an age of austerity.”

“Gingrich: Austerity Is Wrong For America,” TPM.

Newt Gingrich, fresh off of decisive losses in Nevada and Florida, has come out as a “pro-growth conservative,” opposed to so-called austerity measures aimed at cutting social programs. Gingrich sets himself apart from the party establishment, which has been fairly consistent in pushing deficit cuts and restricting spending in general.


“Records Show Ron Paul Trips Paid Twice,”

According to document review by Roll Call, Rep. Ron Paul may have double billed some campaign expenditures — to both taxpayers and campaign-linked nonprofit organizations. Current estimates put the total amount bilked at some $15,000.

Who polls the pollsters?

“WaPo/ABC ends sample transparency in national polling,”

Ed Morrissey points out the problems with a new poll showing Barack Obama with a 50 percent approval rating and a national lead over Romney. Washington Post and ABC News have apparently stopped reporting the party affiliation of poll participants. Morrissey calls the poll, in this time of decreased institutional trust, “worthless.”


“Romney Actually Did Worse In 2012 Nevada Caucus Than He Did In 2008,”

Romney seems to have lost a lot of support in Nevada between 2008 and today: He received more than 25 percent fewer votes in that state this year. But then, only 33,000 voters showed up last week, well below party estimates. Romney supporter and former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu has an explanation for the low numbers: “When turnout is down … people are satisfied with … the candidate that’s winning.” Yep, when they love you, they stay home.

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