The Live Feed: How Patriots-Browns played out in real time

Tom Brady Browns
Tom Brady, right, and the Patriots stunned the Browns late in Sunday’s come-from-behind victory. Credit: Getty Images

How the Patriots’ 27-26 victory over the Browns played out in real time Sunday on CBS:


1 p.m. EDT -All you need to know about how irrelevant CBS thinks this matchup is: “Mr. Patriots preseason” Don Criqui and Steve Tasker are on the mic.

1:06-Beurlein says Aqib Talib is a master of taking wide receivers out of their game mentally. Guess he missed the Patriots-Panthers game earlier this season where Steve Smith paid rent inside Talib’s head.

1:08-Josh Gordon fumbles simultaneously as the refs blow the whistle so the Patriots can challenge it. Ugh. Cleveland takes a 3-0 lead on a 43-yard field goal by Billy Cundiff … remember him?

1:16-It is snowing at so many other games but not this one, that would make this way more interesting.

1:21-Alfonzo Dennard goes down with a shoulder injury, good grief.

1:27-Stevan Ridley is active but LeGarrette Blount gets the first two carries (6, 11 yards).

1:29-D’Qwell Jackson picks off Tom Brady who has started 1 of 6.

1:34-21-yard scramble by Jason Campbell. I got nothing.

1:36-12 men on the field for the Patriots defense, they could have 20 and I don’t think it would make that much of a difference.

1:37-Browns up 3-0 after one miserable quarter – at least the Celtics are blowing out the Knicks at Madison Square Garden. Oh wait, that’s not really good eitherif you care about tanking.

1:41-What a dumb rule, Josh Gordon caught the ball after bobbling it and got his feet down but since it popped out after he fell out of bounds it was ruled no catch. Stupid NFL.

1:44-Browns settle for a 37-yard field goal, I guess that’s a win for the Patriots defense although giving up any points to Jason Campbell is pathetic.

1:50-13-yard catch by Amendola, more of that please, then a 31-yard catch by James Develin who gets a little shaken up.

1:52-Brady sacked for a loss of eight yards by Barkevious Mingo. Best name in the NFL?
1:57-First good play by the Patriots defense: Rob Ninkovich tackles Chris Ogbonnaya for a loss of 1 on 3rd-and-1.

2:00-15-yard catch by rookie Josh Boyce so right now him and Develin have the biggest plays today for the Patriots’ offense. Yikes.

2:03-Amendola gets knocked down but no call. It’s been that kind of day for New England. Ugly with a capital U.

2:08-Terrible spot by the refs, McGahee looked like he earned a yard on Third-and-1. They ruled it short but Cleveland is rightfully challenging it.

2:11-That’s a few minutes of our lives we’ll never get back, it is changed to a first down.

2:12-20-yard catch by Gordon, that one counts.

2:14-Talib talks trash to Gordon after a 4-yard catch. At least Aqib is into this game. Doesn’t feel you could say the same thing for many of his teammates.

2:17-13-yard run for Blount, he was made for times like this.

2:21-12-yard catch by Amendola followed by a 12-yard catch by Boyce, where has this been all first half?

2:27-18-yard catch by Gordon. He’s finding a way to get open unlike Rob Gronkowski or the Pats receivers.

2:31-Browns lead Patriots 6-0 at halftime. At least we have the Celtics, who just handed the Knicks the third worst loss in MSG history (114-73). As for New England, no words. The funny part is that you know they’ll look like a completely different team in the second half, but would it kill them to start off well? They can’t keep playing like this and expect to win.

2:46-11-yard catch by Gronk on the first play of the second half, he’s alive!

2:48-Something called Jabaal Sheard sacked Brady for a loss of eight then they ran a screen pass on third-and-20. I give up.

2:53-Words that should make Browns fans feel even better than their usual miserable state: Beurlein says, “You can see that Norv Turner has really worked with Campbell” … Is that a good thing?

2:55-3rd-and-6, no problem for the Browns as Campbell finds former Dolphin Davone Bess for a 10-yard gain. Next play, 21-yard catch by Jordan Cameron.

2:57-Gary Barnidge with a 40-yard touchdown catch, in an NFL game (the third of his career). This really just happened. The Browns can’t have nice things for very long though as Ogbannaya gets stuffed on the two-point conversion run. 12-0 Browns. Four Patriots field goals coming right up!

3:04-Gronk took a low hit right on his knee by T.J. Ward and probably tore everything in it. Ugh, you have to feel terrible for the poor guy. CBS needs to learn to cut the on-field mics when guys are down. Have some heart for once.

3:07-Brady fumbles on the next play.

3:10-13-yard gain by Ogbonnaya on third down. This is brutal in so many ways.

3:22-22-yard catch and run by Boyce, how has he been buried all season? He’s showed a couple good moves today.

3:24-Brady goes up the middle for two yards on fourth-and-1.

3:25-32-yard catch by Blount, wait what? This is New England’s first trip to the red zone all day, with a little over two minutes left in the third quarter.

3:28-33-yard field goal by Stephen Gostkowski finally gets the Patriots on the board, trailing 12-3.

3:30-80-yard catch and run for a TD by Gordon, he is as good as advertised. He was never touched on a slant, completely burned Talib and outran Devin McCourty. 19-3 Browns.

3:33-Wow, 50-yard catch by Shane Vereen on a long pass down the sideline. Next play, 16-yard catch by Vereen. He just makes plays.

3:34-6-yard touchdown run by Vereen, incredible sequence by him. Brady connects with Julian Edelman for the two-point conversion and it’s a one-score game (19-11) with six seconds left in the third quarter.

3:44-Patriots are in business after Ninkovich sacked Campbell on third down to force a punt.

3:49-Never trust a man that wears a visor. Especially in the winter, like Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski.

3:50-Vereen is over 100 yards receiving for the first time in his career and yet Cleveland hasn’t figured out he’s really the only guy they have to stop on the Patriots.

3:52-We have an Austin Collie sighting, on a 4-yard catch. He’ll probably be released tomorrow then re-signed again in a few weeks.

3:54-15-yard catch by Matthew Mulligan, who completely failed when he forgot who he was and tried to hurdle a defender.

3:55-Brady was sacked by Paul Kruger on 3rd down so Pats have to settle for a 50-yard field goal by Gostkowski which cuts it to 19-14 with 5:43 left in regulation.

4:01-Patriots defense need a stop and fast so naturally they give up a 13-yard catch to Cameron on the first play. Campbell is over 300 yards (312).

4:02-I thought reverses don’t work in the NFL – but Gordon just took one 34 yards.

4:05-19-yard catch by Gordon on third-and-17 but it’s being reviewed. Couldn’t really tell but he might have trapped it against the ground. Huge call coming up.

4:09-It stands, I thought he had his hands around the ball.

4:11-16-yard catch by Cameron for a first down but he gets up slowly.

4:12-And McGahee gets knocked out by Brandon Spikes on the goal-line, I think we’re all set with serious injuries today. This is really gruesome, like a war movie or something.

4:16-4-yard touchdown catch by Cameron, that’ll do it. Browns lead 26-14 with 2:30 left.

4:20-23-yard catch by Edelman but we hit the two-minute warning.

4:27-2-yard touchdown catch by Edelman, Patriots trail 26-21 with 1:01 left. It all comes down to an onside kick. Browns got called for a questionable penalty (helmet-to-helmet) when Jordan Poyer hit Edelman with his shoulder.

4:30-Holy crap! Kyle Arrington recovers it at Cleveland’s 39.

4:33-10-yard catch by Amendola but he didn’t get out of bounds so the clock is still running.

4:34-Unreal. Boyce draws a shady pass interference in the end zone. Tasker calls it a horrible call and Pats haters will file that one away.

4:35-Amendola catches the go-ahead TD but Vereen gets stuffed on the two-point conversion run. Patriots lead 27-26 with 31 seconds left.

4:41-Yikes, 18-yard catch by Cameron. Almost in field goal range at the 47.

4:43-Of course it comes down to Cundiff … And … his 58-yard field goal falls short. Patriots survive, 27-26. I really don’t know what to say. Gronk’s injury, another terrible performance for most of the game. But a crazy comeback, an onside kick recovered, a gift pass interference, a last-second TD and a missed FG. Did I miss anything? If you need me, I’ll be sleeping until next Sunday’s game in Miami (1, CBS).

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