Scientists recreate world’s smallest Monet copy

Scientists have produced a copy of Monet's "Impression, Sunrise" that measures 300 micrometers in size, about the width of two strands of hair.


Jerry Seinfeld is ambidextrous, and other Reddit AMA highlights

See some of the weirder highlights of Jerry Seinfeld's recent Reddit AMA.

Going Out

Grab a pedestrian and start dancing at What the Float

As a New Yorker, I’ve mastered the art of focusing my gaze straight ahead. Though it occasionally piques my interest, […]


Jimmy Fallon, Audra McDonald and Josh Charles sing Yahoo! Answers

Watch Audra McDonald sing some Yahoo! Answers with Josh Charles and Jimmy Fallon.


TV watch list, Thursday, July 24: ‘Black Box,’ ‘Rectify’ and more

Catch the two-hour season finale of "Black Box" tonight on ABC.


VIDEO: You won’t believe how big this giant jellyfish is

This gigantic barrel jellyfish was caught on camera by diver Robert Lenfert - and it might be the biggest one ever filmed in U.K. waters.