Authorities announced Wednesday that they tracked the source of a massive quantity of heroin to a house on a quiet street in Northeast Philadelphia. 

District Attorney Seth William and investigators from the DEA "dismantled a significant drug trafficking organization" during a recent raid, according to investigators, seizing more than $3.3 million worth of heroin.

Suspects Martin Paulino Gomez, Domingo Cedno Pimentel and Ricardo Ortiz-Rolon, a.k.a. Acquiles Perez-Gomera, were arrested and now face federal charges of racketeering and drug possession with intent to deliver.

"We’re working to shut down drug houses like these in order to make our neighborhoods safer,” Williams said in a statement.

Williams said that investigators from the DEA and the D.A.'s office investigating the laundering of drug money tracked the activity to a house at 1818 Bergen St. months ago.

On April 28, investigators stopped two men leaving the home, one of whom had a kilogram of heroin. 

After searching the home, investigators found nine more kilos of heroin. 

One portion of the heroin was cut into 18 racks, containing a total of 11,700 baggies of heroin, according to the D.A.'s office.