Playing the Field: Masters, Final 4 week, Red Sox ban drinking!?

CBS will unload a lethal dose of Tiger Woods on the American public this week.

Yes, it’s finally here!!! This is the week that CBS Sports bashes us in the temples with a lethal dose of spring and nostalgia.

Last night, we had the lyrically painful, yet-somehow enchanting One Shining Moment, version 2012. CBS learned its lesson in 2010, that in no way will NCAA fans allow the Luther Vandross tradition to die a tragic Jennifer Hudson-led death. Sports fans simply don’t like change in presentation, no matter how corny.

And speaking of corny, Jim Nantz will welcome all of his friends to Augusta this week as The Masters gets underway. We’re more than fine with the tradition of the ‘theme of spring,’ just as long as there are no lyrics that feature dogwoods and pines:

Shoot ‘em up

Lexington, Ky. didn’t party like it was last Saturday night on Monday night (always the case with the Final Four schedule and all), but it did manage to get someone shot. West Virginia burns couches, Kentucky shoots its neighbors. All in good fun:

Jets on HBO a no-brainer

Can’t we just fast-forward through all the BS and allow the Jets to be featured on HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’ for eternity? Or at least throughout the remainder of Rex Ryan’s contract?

Jets owner Woody Johnson, who never met an NFL Films employee he didn’t like, said that the team would “consider” doing the show again if they received an invitation. You know, the same way that John Calipari “considers” putting gel in his hair or the same way that Hannah Storm “considers” wearing a skin-tight dress to work everyday.

In 2010, the outspoken Jets had little problem entertaining on the phenomenal HBO show. It led to arguably their best season in years, so really, why not?

Sober Sox

There was quite the uproar on Twitter yesterday afternoon as a link from regarding a ban of in-park beer sales at Fenway Park was re-tweeted hundreds of times.

The link stated that ‘Red Sox management announced yesterday that beer will no longer be allowed in box seats, grandstands or bleachers and must be drunk at or near the counters where it is bought. The action was taken at the request of Mary Driscoll, chairman of the Boston Licensing Board, and was prompted by complaints from many fans. Park police will be on the lookout for beer runners – men trying to snuggle beer to their seats through a cordon of cops and ushers. Rubber pockets are going to become popular among Boston baseball fans, fashion designers say.’

At first it looked as though it was an April Fools joke gone horribly wrong. Instead, had the wrong date on its article titled ‘Red Sox ban beer drinking in seats.’ The story originally ran on Aug. 17, 1956 and was part of the Globe’s “Fenway at 100” package.

Vick’s restraining order lifted?

Yup, this is the final step in re-habbing Michael Vick’s animal hating image, but there’s just something wrong about this. Too many bad memories that don’t need to be brought up.
On paper, it should be good for both sides, but in actually its an awkward-fest:

Miami’s Brock Party

Trying to keep the pro wrestling clips to a minimum here at PTF (unless of course, we get an endless stream of feedback that you want an endless stream of Ultimate Warrior inspirational clips everyday, which we know is possible).

But we are closing out WWE’s peak season and today’s clip is warranted. Whenever the former UFC heavyweight champion shows up in a WWE ring, there is reason for buzz. Remember, we at PTF were the first to bring you the news of Ken Shamrock’s jump to the world of Vince McMahon back in 1997 (link unavailable … haven’t paid my Prodigy account in a while).
Anyway, listen to the crowd pop when the music hits. Who knew Miami fans had this in them?


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