‘The Voice’: Your guide to Season 6′s top eight artists

And then there were eight. NBC’s hit series “The Voice” said goodbye to Bria Kelly (Team Usher) and Tess Boyer (Team Shakira) on Tuesday night. Metro caught up with Season 6′s remaining eight artists to find out what their journey has been like thus far. The artists share how they work with their coaches, who they think is their biggest competition and much more.

Delvin Choice, 24, Greenville, South Carolina (Team Adam)

Delvin Choice on NBC's
Delvin Choice on NBC’s “The Voice,” season 6. Credit: NBC/”The Voice”


What is it like working with the sexiest man alive?

If you talk to Adam, he would tell you he’s not the sexiest man alive, but I would say he’s lying. Adam is the most genuine person I have ever met. He will literally stop rehearsal to tell you how he feels.

What motivates you to keep pursuing music?

Well, my journey on “The Voice” really started last year when I didn’t get any chairs to turn during auditions, but this season has multiplied tenfold. Being able to hear stories of kids and even adults who have been inspired by my perseverance is my motivation. My motto is to keep changing lives by chasing dreams.

To be honest though, I didn’t even want to try out again. It took somebody else believing in me for me to give it another shot. My friend said if I didn’t sign up for auditions, she was going to sign me up. I had to borrow her faith in me because I didn’t have faith in myself. But now I realize I am good at what I do. My confidence has grown and the more I believe in myself, the more I grow.

Christina Grimmie, 20, Cherry Hill, New Jersey (Team Adam)

Christina Grimmie on NBC's
Christina Grimmie on NBC’s “The Voice,” season 6. Credit: NBC/”The Voice”


How has your life changed since being on the show?

I have been busier than ever before. My memory has gotten a lot better too because I have to memorize a song a week. They give us the song on Wednesday, then we perform on Mondays. It’s usually smooth sailing but still a lot of pressure.

What has been the biggest challenge for you?

Being away from my family. We got to go home for a week after the Blinds, but now we stay here to work on the show. The only time we get to see our family is after the performances, but last week I was so busy I didn’t even get to see them after that.

Kat Perkins, 33, Scranton, North Dakota (Team Adam)

Kat Perkins on NBC's The Voice, season 6. Credit: NBC/The Voice
Kat Perkins on NBC’s “The Voice,” season 6. Credit: NBC/”The Voice”


What is it like working with Adam?

It is very distracting working with the sexiest man alive. I mean, physically he’s hot, but his personality makes him even more gorgeous. He’s smart and witty and definitely deserves that title.

Who do you think is your biggest competition?

Everybody’s so different and strong in their craft. What scares me the most is people like Christina Grimmie, who have a huge social media following. I’m behind in the social media game and she’s very talented. I’m working on getting my numbers up and singing well. It’s all part of it.

Josh Kaufman, 37, Indianapolis, Indiana (Team Usher)

Josh Kaufman on NBC's
Josh Kaufman on NBC’s The Voice, season 6. Credit: NBC/”The Voice”


What is the biggest challenge about being on the show?

The performances themselves. There’s so much more on the line. You feel like every moment onstage matters but you’re still trying to have fun. You have to find that balance.

What is it like to work with Usher?

Usher has a very unique coaching style. He has me run around the stage before rehearsal, and sometimes he’ll have me sing in the mirror. Or he’ll have me sing away from the mirror then turn towards it and look directly at myself. It’s a little weird but there’s a reason behind everything he does and his techniques are really effective.

Kristen Merlin, 28, Hanson, Massachusetts (Team Shakira)

Kristen Merlin on NBC's The Voice, season 6. Credit: NBC/The Voice
Kristen Merlin on NBC’s The Voice, season 6. Credit: NBC/”The Voice”


What is one thing you’ve learned from this experience?

I’ve learned that you have to connect with what you’re signing. You have to believe it if you want the audience to believe you.

Who do you feel like is your biggest competition?

We all bring something different to the table and everyone’s so talented, but I would probably say the other country singers, Jake and Audra, are [my biggest competition] because I’m a country singer, too.

Sisaundra Lewis, 44, Orlando, Florida (Team Blake)

Sisaundra Lewis on NBC's The Voice, season 6. Credit: NBC/The Voice
Sisaundra Lewis on NBC’s The Voice, season 6. Credit: NBC/”The Voice”


What has been the biggest challenge for you?

Seeing my children only every other week, which is so different when you’re use to waking up to them every day and making breakfast and driving them to school or practice. My children are age 7, 15 and 25. The two youngest live with me, and they have been so supportive. My kids want me to go out there and chase my dream.

What is something viewers don’t get to see?

This really has been a home away from home with new friends. Behind the scenes, it really is a family. We come together as artists and we’ve built such strong bonds, even with the producers. They do so much for us.

Audra McLaughlin, 22, Glendora, Pennsylvania (Team Blake)

Audra McLaughlin on NBC's The Voice, season 6. Credit: NBC/The Voice
Audra McLaughlin on NBC’s “The Voice,” season 6. Credit: NBC/”The Voice”


How closely do you get to work with your coach?

We get an hour rehearsal a week. But we can email Blake anytime. He actually emails us first. He’ll email me like, ‘How you doin’ sis?’ He’s always checking up on us to make sure we’re OK.

Who do you feel like is your biggest competition?

Sisaundra is one of my closest friends on the show and she has such a powerful voice. So if I had to pick one person it would probably be Sisaundra because she’s such an amazing person and very talented.

Jake Worthington, 18, La Porte, Texas (Team Blake)

Jake Worthington on NBC's
Jake Worthington on NBC’s “The Voice,” season 6. Credit: NBC/”The Voice”


How closely do you get to work with Blake?

The further in competition, the absolute better! Constantly emailing and all that about song choice and what he feels will help me get along through this. The amount of time and the quality time given further into the Lives is amazing and something I’ll never be able to do. I mean, not every day you think you’d be able to sit down and talk with a huge country star like Blake, but I’ll tell you one thing, he puts his pants on just like anyone else and he ain’t afraid to be himself. With that being said, whatever he says to me in a serious or joking matter, he’s always honest with me and I haven’t doubted that and never will.

What is something viewers don’t get to see?

I know what’s in Blake’s cup. [Laughs.]

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