It's been a tough few months for anyone who relies on SEPTA's Regional Rail lines to get around Philadelphia.

The transit authority's woes surrounding a defect discovered in the Silverliner V railcar are well-known and most trains have run, often late and crowded, on weekend schedules since July.

But passengers can rest assured those days are mostly over, as a fully stocked fleet of SEPTA Regional Rail cars is scheduled to roll into stations on-time starting Monday, Oct. 3.

"With a substantial number of Silverliner V cars now back in operation, regular weekday service resumes on all Regional Rail Lines on Monday," SEPTA announced Thursday.

The structural flaw in the Hyundai-designed Silverliner V car was discovered just before the Fourth of July. Within about 24 hours, SEPTA pulled all 120 Silverliner V cars, about one third of its Regional Rail fleet, from service.

The flaw related to a crack forming in a load-bearing equalizer beam under the cars. Such issues are strictly prohibited on active train cars by the Federal Railroad Administration due to safety concerns.

Only about 50 of the Silverliner Vs are repaired so far, SEPTA said, but they haveborrowed railcars from transit services around the region to make up for the loss of services while trying to find a design solution for this flaw.

SEPTA said that on Oct. 3, they will be running full service with borrowed railcars from Amtrak, New Jersey Transit and the Maryland Transit Administration. They currently plan to continue gradually phasing Silverliner V cars back into service until the full Silverliner V fleet is back on the rails.

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