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Indego bike share launches with fleet of riders rolling down the parkway

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    Riders prepare for the inaugural ride at the official launch of Philadelphia's new bi|Charles Mostoller

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    Mayor Michael Nutter, right, with Andrew Stober, chief of staff of the Mayor's Office|

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    Nutter led the first ever Indego ride down the Parkway, around City Hall and to the M|Charles Mostoller

"Bike share is here!" Mayor Michael Nutter cheered as he led the first ever Indego bike riders on a victory ride down the Ben Franklin Parkway, before circling City Hall, waving at stunned passersby, and parking in a bike rental dock at the Municipal Services Building. Hundreds of riders followed.

The new bike share program, Indego, offers rental bikes at fares pricedfor tourists and city-dwellers alike.

Visit rideindego.com for more information.

See the mayor's joyous cry beginning the ride below.


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