Attention over a 'Death to Islam' sign in its window has boosted business at a York, Pennsylvania bar, reports say.

On a recent visit to the bar which features multiple "Death to Islam" signs inside and at least one on the exterior, TV station Fox43 found that according to staff, business has been on the upswing since their anti-Islam message was posted on social media.

Owner Jeff Seitz has defended the sign to media, telling the York Daily Record, "All my customers agree with me ... Everybody says, 'I love your sign.'"

Death to Islam signs were posted inside the small bar after the September 11 attacks. But the printed-out signs in the window were posted more recently.

York Muslims said they feel the sign is a threat. 

"When you're calling for death of a religion — how would you kill Islam?" resident Rabiya Khan told the Record. "You would kill all the Muslims. You can't kill a religion; you kill the followers of a religion."

The Council on American-Islamic Relations has also picked up on the sign, and say it is Islamophobic.

Gov. Tom Wolf hails from York, Pennsylvania. The governor's office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.