Hai Street Kitchen opening in Rittenhouse May 22

Japanese cuisine will get a Chipotle-style twist at Hai Street Kitchen & Co., a new casual, quick-food restaurant opening near […]


Does the PrayFit diet work?

A new book from fitness writer Jimmy Pena explains a new faith-based route to better health.


New study: Inside the wage gap between boys and girls

According to a new study, there's a wage gap between boys and girls, with boys earning more allowance for less chores.


New app, LightsOut, aims to shine light on energy wasters

Does the sight of a light bulb left on in an empty room leave you hopping mad? A new app […]


From Apple TV to Fire TV, big changes are coming to how you watch TV

Apple is set to launch a new generation of its Apple TV, which grossed over $1 billion in 2013. But competition from Amazon and Google looms.


Facebook buys the smartphone activity app Moves

The world's most popular social network acquired the popular fitness tracking app on Thursday.