Playing the Field: Tebow’s new digs, Ozzie suspension video

Tim Tebow.

Since every move of Tim Tebow must now be documented with exacting detail, we learned this weekend that Tebow has found a new home in the New York area.

And this time he’s breathing down New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning’s neck instead of his teammate Mark Sanchez.

Tebow is renting an apartment in Hoboken, N.J. that runs in the neighborhood of $10,000 per month. Frankly, if I’m going to pay that much, I’d at least like to be in Midtown. Of course, then I wouldn’t live a couple blocks from Manning, who paid $2.2 million for his condo.

And speaking of Tebow, the Jets held auditions for the Flight Crew this weekend and no surprise, Tebow was the main topic of discussion. The Flight Crew, by the way, are the Jets cheerleaders. Flight Crew sounds much classier though.

The New York Post was at the auditions (they’re all over the important stories) and asked a few of the ladies what they thought about the QB controversy. Alicia Green, the one Tebow-ing in that link, gave the best answer:

“I’m a Tebow fan all the way!” said Alicia Green, 23. “Yeah, he’s hot, and isn’t he a virgin still? That’s hot!”

That is, by the way, the same rationale Woody Johnson used for trading for him.

Ozzie Guillen suspension video!

When the whole Ozzie Guillen “loves” Fidel Castro kerfuffle broke a couple weeks ago, there was one very happy on-looker: Showtime.

They just happened to choose the Marlins as their team to follow this season on “The Franchise.” Last year we got more crazy than you could handle from Giants closer Brian Wilson. This year we get Guillen suspension video! How coincidental that Showtime happened to make a commercial for the new show featuring that exact scene.

My favorite part of the video is Guillen chillin’ in the president’s office with his feet literally up on his desk. And who’s the random woman sitting on the couch reading a magazine in the background?

Oh and by the way, David Samson, Heidi Montag thinks your reality TV acting skills are awful.

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@MetroNYSports. He holds no fondness for Fidel Castro. In fact, he’s always been anti-dictator. Actually, pretty much anti-politician in general.


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