Move over Frank Rizzo -- Michael Nutter is eyeing your title as Philly's toughest mayor. 

Nutter, perhaps still riding a wave of adrenaline from his epic mic drop after performing "Rapper's Delight" on July 4, intervened in a fight between a member of his security detail and a homeless man. 

In the video, which was first obtained by Action News, the man appears to be trying to approach the mayor, but his way is blocked by a beefy bodyguard. 

A wrestling match ensues, and the man, identified by 6ABC as George Creamer, gets on top of the body guard. Nutter walks over and pulls Creamer onto his back, giving the body guard the upper hand. 

"My main role here was to really try to just calm him down and have him understand that no one's here to do anything to you; this is not about you," Nutter told Action News Tuesday night.

It's unclear who said it, but as the tussle broke up, one of the participants can be heard saying, "We're good, we're good," a sign that the fight was essentially over. 

Creamer told the station that he wanted to talk to the mayor about the plight of the homeless ahead of the World Meeting of Families.

The incident happened in the plaza of the Municipal Services Building, where the mayor was meeting with his staff about problem areas of center city.