Bon Jovi helps celebrate Project HOME’s 25th

Jon Bon Jovi joined others on Tuesday for the ribbon-cutting at the inauguration of the new JBJ Soul Homes facility for Project HOME.


Judge holds Amber Hellesten for trial on murder charges, despite self-defense claim

Amber Hellesten turns 16 next Wednesday, April 30. It could be her first of many birthdays behind bars.


University of New Mexico running back arrested for rape, kidnapping

Crusoe Gongbay, 20, surrendered to university police on Monday and faces two counts of second-degree criminal sexual penetration and one count of kidnapping.


Teen who stowed away on flight to Hawaii remains hospitalized

A teenage boy who stowed away on a flight from California to Hawaii in the frozen, oxygen-deprived wheel well of a passenger jet remained hospitalized on Tuesday.


Arion1: Pill-shaped bicycle hits 90 mph

The Arion1 is a pod-like bicycle that aims to take the land speed record.


Friend of accused Boston Marathon bomber seeks trial venue change

Dias Kadyrbayev asked a judge to move his trial arguing that pretrial publicity has made it impossible for him to get a fair hearing in Massachusetts.