PHOTO: New Zealand Herald uses wrong image to illustrate story about soldier killed in Gaza

The New Zealand Herald made a terrible mistake of using the wrong image to illustrate the tragic death of Staff Sergeant Guy Boyland – a New Zealand-born Israeli soldier who…


September 11 museum allowed to display Ground Zero cross-shaped beam

A cross-shaped steel beam pulled from the rubble of the collapsed World Trade Center in New York days after the September 11, 2001, attacks can be displayed in the national…


Capsized kayakers penetrate John F. Kennedy Airport perimeter

Two kayakers who got in over their heads in the waters off New York have put authorities at John F. Kennedy Airport on the defensive after flipping their boat and…


Katz’s Deli wins name battle with Florida cafe

The New York City delicatessen Katz's has won a legal battle to force a Florida restaurant to change its name, according to court documents made public on Monday.


Rethinking the NYC subway map and mass transit guides around the world

Max Roberts talks to Metro about how different riders interpret maps, why he likes creating them and what he likes about the MTA's current subway map.


U.S. coastal flooding on the rise, government study finds

The study examined how often 45 tide gauges along the country’s shore exceeded National Weather Service flood thresholds across several decades.