PHOTOS: Manhattan’s most pampered pups lap up the lavish life

These pets have a lavish lifestyle that trumps yours.

Pampered pups around the city spend their days in private, cushy transportation, spas with “pawdicures” and even salons styling Don Draper-inspired furcuts.

More animals around the city are lapping up these lavish services as businesses cater to Manhattan’s latest luxury client: pets.

One company, The Spot Experience, offers dog concierge services in dozens of residential buildings, including adding the Gateway in Battery Park City last week.

The company picks up pups in the morning, shuttling them daily to doggy day care, where they get grooming, training and socializing. Attached pet owners can even check in from a smartphone.

“It’s like a zen dog day care center,” said Bob Cohen, who signed up his goldendoodle Spike. “Dogs are just kind of hanging out on this padded floor, and just grooving, no barking.”

Cohen wanted a special service, he said, instead of leaving Spike in the apartment or simply hiring a dog walker.

Now, Spike hops in a canine-catering car on his way to play with furry friends.

“He’s very popular there,” Cohen said.

Former NFL player Mitch Marrow started the business after trouble boarding his St. Bernard and Bullmastiff.

Another fur-friendly development delighting in luxe services is the D Pet Hotel in Chelsea, which launched in September as a “luxury hotel for the distinguished dog.”

Their “uber suite” includes a full-sized bed (not just a doggie bed – that’s the standard room), room décor and a flat-screen TV.

They also boast a 24-hour vet on call, doggie treadmills, teeth cleanings and down-tempo music to promise a peaceful vibe.

Dogs can even get a spa treatment, perhaps a pawdicure, or peruse their “look book” – a new option is the “Don Draper.”

And how to ensure your pet arrives in style? New York entrepreneurs have that covered, too.

Lower East Side-based Exclusive Pet Services offers pet-loving drivers – passengers even receive a water bowl.


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