Philadelphia police on Wednesday released surveillance video of the man who sexually assaulted a 35-year-old woman in her home on the 1800 block of South Rosewood Street on Monday. 

The victim of the recent assault, 35, was awoken at 4:30 a.m. by the masked suspect standing over her bed, police said. He placed his hand over her mouth, demanded cash and took $10 before sexually assaulting her, police say. He also took her house keys and her roommate's ID when he left.

Police believe the suspect may be behind a March 26 rape just blocks away on the 1700 block of Chadwick Street. In both cases, the suspect is described as wearing red gloves. 

The surveillance video shows the suspect parking a car owned by the woman who was assaulted on the 1800 block of S. Rosewood Street. 

In the first incident, a sketch was created of the suspect, seen above.

In the second incident, the suspect was wearing a mask and no sketch was made. 

Police described the suspect from the recent incident as a black male about 5'9", with a medium build, in 20s to 30s.