Class action against Facebook attracts 60,000 users

A law student said his class action suit against Facebook for alleged privacy violations has the support of 60,000 users and passed its first legal review.


Mugger uses chokeholds in Central Park attacks: NYPD

Cops are searching for a Manhattan mugging suspect tied to at least two attacks near Central Park this week.


Ditka calls Redskins team name controversy product of ‘politically correct idiots’

Mike Ditka, the 74-year-old 11-season coach of the Chicago Bears and 3-season coach of the New Orleans Saints, may be endangering his position as an ESPN commentator on the NFL…


VIDEO: Crazy motorcyclist flips off bike, lands on roof of car

This is by far the craziest motorcycle crash you will ever see. It was all captured on camera.


Fate of captured beluga whales in hands of Georgia judge

A Georgia aquarium went to court on Wednesday seeking federal permission to bring 18 captured beluga whales to the United States from Russia.


VIDEO: Remembering the time Al Roker pooped his pants at the White House

Metro looks back at one moment in particular. Back in 2002, during an interview on "Dateline" with medical correspondent Nancy Snyderman, Roker recalls a time when he visited the White…