Turkey: Voting begins in country’s first direct presidential election

Some 53 million people are able to vote in the election, including 2.8 million citizens abroad. Until now, Turkish presidents were elected by parliament.


Tripoli airport becomes ‘war zone’ as militias clash

Black plumes of smoke marked shell blasts and bulldozed earthen barricades mapped out the frontlines around Tripoli's largest airport.

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Russia mad about sanctions, says U.S. contributing to Ukraine crisis

Russia reacted angrily on Saturday to additional sanctions imposed by the European Union over Moscow’s role in the Ukraine crisis, […]

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Israel and Hamas begin a 12-hour truce in the Gaza Strip

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip poured into the streets on Saturday to recover dead and stock up on supplies after a 12-hour humanitarian truce took hold.


Three shot, one dead at Mercy-Fitzgerald Hospital

A shooting in the psychiatric ward of Mercy-Fitzgerald Hospital resulted in a dead female employee and an injured doctor, reports say.


Mutant worms stay sober, even on alcohol

U.S. researchers have developed "mutant worms" that do not get drunk by alcohol, a breakthrough that could lead to new treatment for people trying to quit drinking