Uber announced Monday afternoon plans to expand its services ahead of an anticipated strike by SEPTA's unionized workers in Philadelphia.

Uber plans to expand Pool, a service that allows customers to share their ride with fellow passengers traveling to nearby locations, by increasing its coverage zone by 800 percent to cover all 154 SEPTA rail stations, 

Previously, UberPool was limited to Philadelphia County and its immediate suburbs, as well as Wilmington. Starting Tuesday, its coverage will extend north to Frenchtown, New Jersey, west to just outside Reading, Pennsylvania, east to Trenton, and south to New Castle, Delaware. 

Courtesy Uber


In total, Uber will expand its coverage area to more than 2,600 miles.

According to the ride-hailing app, UberPool is approximately 75 percent cheaper than UberX. Rides can cost as little at $3.70.

The deadline for negotiations is midnight Monday. If SEPTA and members of the Transit Workers Local Union 234 cannot hammer out an agreement by then, subway, trolley and bus routes in the city limits will come to a halt. SEPTA is encouraging its passengers to rely on the Regional Rail or alternative forms of transportation in the event of a strike.