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Metro Pic of the Week

Send us your best local pics to see them online and in our paper!
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    Philly: #WilliamPennWednesday |@foxypuddin/Instagram

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    Boston: Public Garden|@kbnkn/Instagram

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    Philly: Dawn on the Delaware|@chuckseye/Instagram

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    NYC: First snow of 2017|@Brunhooooo/Twitter

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    Boston: Walking on water|@parps960 /Instagram

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    Across the Brooklyn Bridge|@lelobnu /Instagram

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    Crossing into 2017|@philly.corners/Instagram

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    Art installation at Fort Point Channel|@andrewserin /Instagram

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    Foliage along the Charles. |@parps960/Instagram

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    Leaves cover local streets. |philly.corners/Instagram

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    The last few leaves hang on in Park Slope, Brooklyn. |@thomastrocco /Instagram

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    A view of Boston’s fall foliage. |@freshmcrandompants/Instagram

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    Two gorillas share a moment at the Bronx Zoo. |@edivictor1 /Twitter

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    “The Lakes” at FDR Park. |@chris8395 /Twitter

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    Metro New York (11/14)|@pobz_iv/Instagram

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    Metro Philly (11/14)|@foxypuddin/Instagram

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    Metro Boston (11/14)|@macdonald_paul/Instagram

We want your pics!

Send Metro your photos to be featured in next Friday’s issue.

Post your best local photos to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #metropicsnyc(Metro New York), #metropicsphilly (Metro Philly) or #metropicsboston (Metro Boston) to not only see them in our paper, but also on Metro.us and our social media pages.

In the meantime, check out our latest Picsof the Week in the gallery above.


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