We can’t help but marvel at the mesmerizing beauty of these never- before-seen planets and galaxies. But truth be told, we’ve been fooled as these images were in fact made using an ordinary scanner. Navid Baraty scanned cleverly laid-out kitchen ingredients to create pho- tos that look like they’re from outer space. 

Artist's viewpoint

“I’d like people to look at these images and think my fictional creations of planets and galaxies could actually exist somewhere in our universe and beyond,” says  Baraty. 



“I came up with a story of how I was selected to be the lead image processor for the ‘Wander Space Mission’. I was chosen thanks to my photogra- phy experience but also because I have a degree in engineering. Lots of people actually thought it was real!”


 “The images were made by placing objects on an Epson photo scanner and then making a scan with the lid open. Leaving it open created the black backdrop. The planets and moons were made by scanning the bottoms of glasses containing liquids. When mixed, the liquids naturally created the shapes and swirls. Spices scattered over the scanner glass helped create the effect of stars and other points of light.


“I’ve been fascinated with space ever since I was a kid camping and looking at the stars through my childhood telescope. When I look at the night sky, I’m captivated by its mystery and all of its unknowns waiting to be discovered.”