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PHOTOS: 12 memorable airplane banner ads and personal messages

These airplane banners made you look.
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    "de Blasio, You Failed All NY'ERs. It's Time. Resign." |Getty Images

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    A group of animal activist called Channel Islands Animal Protection Association (CHIA|Getty Images

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    As a jumbo jet flies above, a small plane tows a protest banner that says, "Don't |Getty Images

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    A plane towing a banner protesting against Santa Anita track's synthethic turf flies |Getty Images

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    "People getting ready to do things." |Getty Images

Today, a plane flew over the New England Patriots practice field with abanner message reading 'Cheaters Look Up!@JetsFanMedia.'

It could hve been easy to post something like this on social media, but the idea of seeing somethign fly through the sky really drives the message home.

Airplane banner ads may seem a bit antiquated but they're still a great way to advertise your product or service, or share a message to a large crowd of people.

Check out some of the most memorable airplane banner ads ever.

Where's your plane?

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Crazy cat ladies are coming

As seen in Denver

Sign of the times in Denver


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A message for Bobby Flay

This banner flew over Philly's Comcast building


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