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PHOTOS: Hilarious winners from the 2015 'Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards'

These wildlife photographers captured animals in the funniest moments.
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    Silver went to this shy stag, who is trying (very badly) to hide amongst ferns.

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    Taking bronze in the competition, this black gorilla has no shame in excavating hi| Oliver Dreike

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    This cute white sifaka in Madagascar is getting down to disco, pulling off his bes|Alison Buttigieg

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    This is what happens when a cheetah slams on the brakes, going 110 km/h.

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    What kind of joke made this seal laugh like this? Who knows, but it must’ve been|Julie Huntg

Animals in the wild eke out an existence by mating, hunting for food and fending off predators – and, of course, by entertaining us human beings. The mosthilarious animal antics have been captured here in the winning entries from the 2015 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.


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