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PHOTOS: 'Weird Al' Yankovic's Governor's Ball performance

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    And he performed "White and Nerdy"|Lenyon Whitaker, Metro

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    "Weird Al" also performed "Amish Paradise" |Lenyon Whitaker, Metro

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    And it was amazing. |Lenyon Whitaker, Metro

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    |Lenyon Whitaker, Metro

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    This fan was really into it. |Lenyon Whitaker, Metro

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    Yes, that's "Weird Al" wearing a fat suit and performing "Fat" |Getty Images

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    Not every song had a major costume change, but "Weird Al's" energy was amazing.

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    The crowd loved "Handy" and knew all the words. |Lenyon Whitaker, Metro

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    |Lenyon Whitaker, Metro

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    |Lenyon Whitaker, Metro

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    "Canadian Idiot" was another fan favorite. |Lenyon Whitaker, Metro

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    The crowd went wild when "Weird Al" performed "Word Crimes." |Lenyon Whitaker, Metro

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    This fan almost lost it when "Weird Al came out to perform "Yoda."|Lenyon Whitaker, Metro

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    |Lenyon Whitaker, Metro

In case you missed parody song entertainer (and one-time Metro guest editor) Weird Al Yankovic put on an outstanding show at Governor’s Ball 2015

The crowd was in for a treat as “Weird Al” performed all his best parody songs complete with amazing costume changes and hilarious video clips between costume between songs.

Here’s a look at the best “Weird Al’s” moments from Governor’s Ball 2015.


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