Nothing will get done in the Capitol this week because Congress will be enjoying a nice long holiday break. Mind you, nothing would get done if they were at work either, but that’s a different matter. As I predicted here last week, our esteemed lawmakers let the Patriot Act debate burn down to the wire despite knowing the deadline was coming for months. So here are three things to look for this week in politics.

1. Badminton with Hillary: Whether candidate Clinton likes it or not, she’d better get ready to handle some wicked volleys from her critics. Even the long weekend won’t quiet the fury over the release of her emails from the State Department. Yes, those emails: the ones she used for public business, but kept on a private server in her home. Three hundred came out late last week. Roughly 30,000 more are still pending—enough to keep Republicans clucking about her secret ways for months.

2. Whirlwind tour: What’s the single most important thing a lame duck president can do for his party? If you answered “Secure his legacy” um … no. “Raise money?” Now you’re thinking like a politician! President Obama will make a Miami swing to rustle up some bucks down in alligator alley. He’ll also whip by the National Hurricane Center to check out this year’s summer storm forecast. Apparently Dylan was wrong. You do need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

3. Republican rodeo: And GOPers will be out beating the bushes for money, headlines and support too. Among others, watch for Sen. Rand Paul in Chicago complaining about liberal policies, and former New York Gov. George Pataki declaring his candidacy for the presidential nomination because he’s always wanted to — and after all, everyone else is doing it.


Tom Foreman predicts this week in politics. He is a CNN correspondent and author of the upcoming book “My Year of Running Dangerously: A dad, a daughter, and a ridiculous plan.”