In political terms last week was as surreal as a Buñuel film (Yes, that’s a tip of the hat to the Eurozone). And this week? Put the clocks in the bathtub and the giraffe in the garage – here are three things to watch.

1) Brexit Backlash – Politicos around the world will be scrutinizing the markets to measure the staying power of all the Brexit chaos. Wall Street was rattled to its foundation on Friday, and if that continues you can bet the D.C. crowd will get jumpy. Donald Trump has already suggested it is a harbinger of similar upheavals in the vote here this fall – meaning, he’ll win. Hillary Clinton’s play? If the economy starts pushing toward a free fall, watch her reprise a chorus of that old campaign favorite,You Need a Steady Hand at the Wheel. And you know just who she has in mind.

2) Warren Peace – For the longest time, hard-core lefties were practically begging Elizabeth Warren to jump into the race and hammer Clinton for the Democratic nomination. But this week, the progressive Massachusetts senator will instead hit the campaign trail with Clinton in the battleground state of Ohio. The clear hope: Warren will lure reluctant Bernie Sanders supporters into camp. Of course, it could also be a trial run for Warren taking the VP spot … doesn’t seem likely, but stay tuned.

3) Cash Dash – Have you noticed how Donald Trump is not appearing at so many big rallies lately? Perhaps that’s because he is focusing more on fundraising which has become a serious concern for his fellow Republicans. Many top GOPers fear the billionaire could wind up ironically outspent by the Dems if he doesn’t do a better job attracting deep-pocket donors. Trump will be in Colorado and Illinois this week, but watch for him to be sniffing out cash everywhere. It’s a smart move. Even the little Monopoly man knows you have to pass go and collect $200 dollars now and then.

CNN’s Tom Foreman is the author of "My Year of Running Dangerously."