The winter is finally over and with the spring comes warmer days, the Red Sox home opener (April 13), the Boston Marathon (April 20) and a handful of new Boston­-based consumer startups.

Flyp ​is a new Boston-­based startup that just launched this week. Flyp allows you to have multiple phone numbers for each part of your life ­sort of like how you have multiple emails for spam and mom. Mom could have your main phone number, but maybe you give the girl you're dating one number, and the delivery guy another. With Flyp you’ll no longer be surprised when you say “hello.”

With the warmer weather we'll be spending a lot more time outside being active. One favorite outdoor activity is tennis, and soon two Boston-­based startups will make it easier for you to find tennis partners. ​MatchOn​ and ​PracticeGigs​ will help you find tennis partners and find players that are better than you so you can finally improve your game this year.

With the melting of the snow parking in the city has become a tad­ bit easier, but ​Zwayo​ will make it even easier. Zwayo is an on­ demand parking service that sends a valet to your location who will then park your car for you. Right now Zwayo will valet your car seven days per week from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. in the North End, Downtown Boston, Theatre District, and the Back Bay.

And finally, the feel­ good startup Flutter​ will be launching this spring. 

Flutter is the state of excitement that you feel when a donation to charity results in a once ­in ­a lifetime experience. For the price of a few coffees, you could win an amazing experience in Boston that at the same time contributes to our great local charities.

Happy Spring!