Every year around this time I dedicate a bleary­-eyed weekend to research. Research that arguably rivals the work being conducted at Harvard and MIT. During these weekends I visit a dozen Irish pubs to find, rate, and drink the Best Guinness in Boston. Here are my findings;

Mr. Dooley's & The Field

Year after year Mr. Dooley's on Broad Street and The Field in Central Square pour the Best Guinness in Boston with a perfect score of 10.0 (5.0 pour + 5.0 taste). The Field is a classic Irish bar and Mr. Dooley's is a perfect spot for hearing live traditional music ­ I always catch myself singing "Fisherman's Blues." Woo!

The Druid

Scoring a very impressive 9.5 (perfect taste) for Guinness and a perfect score for their Irish Breakfast and their fish & chips, The Druid is one of the best Irish pubs in the city. The floating ghost will also freak you out after a few pints.


Nestled inside the Lenox Hotel, Sólás is an unexpected gem that pours one damn good Guinness ­ a 9.5 to be exact. Bartender Ryan Merry will argue that he pours the best pint in Boston. For the sake of research I always let him pour me another.

Margin of Error

Guinness research is not a perfect science, especially after many hours of "work." The Squealing Pig, O'Leary's, Eire Pub, The Burren, and The Banshee all score very high (9.0+) on my illegible research notes.

Bonus Pints

If you prefer your creamy Irish stout to be of the craft beer kind then O'Hara's Irish Stout is one delicious pint ­ you won't be disappointed. You can find O'Hara's on tap at the Publick House, Lord Hobo, Deep Ellum, and Stoddard's.


On this Saint Patrick's day please remember to have fun, be careful, and if you're seeing leprechauns then it's time to stop drinking.