The 119th running of the Boston Marathon is just days away. On Patriots' Day, 500,000 spectators in eight Massachusetts towns will cheer on 30,000 runners from Hopkinton to Boston.

With the fanaticism around Marathon Monday, it's no surprise that some of our best startups focus on runners.

Running apps Runkeeper and WalkJogRun keep us on track, while running apparel companies Janji and Tracksmith keep us looking cool after 26.2 miles.

Founded one year ago, Wellesley-­based Tracksmith creates premium performance apparel that celebrates the style and culture of running. And, it is this culture of running that brings Tracksmith to their first pop-­up store at 285 Newbury St. From April 15 until the April 22, the Tracksmith Athletics Club will celebrate the spirit of amateur running that is the Boston Marathon.

Not only will Tracksmith feature their entire product line, including their first ever women's collection, but they’ll also be leading daily morning runs that leave their store at 7am to run along the Charles River.

Back at the store, legendary Boston broadcaster Toni Reavis will be reviving his Runners Digest Radio Show (from the 70s & 80s) with live broadcasts from Newbury Street.

On Thursday April 16th at 6pm, the Tracksmith Athletics Club will honor some of Boston’s best amatuer runners ­ runners who won't win the Boston Marathon, but who come damn close with a 2:18 finish all while holding down a full­time job.

It's these amatuer runners who overcome life's obstacles that make the Boston Marathon the best race in the world, and Patriots’ Day the best day of the year.