Last week I wrote about my Top 5 Boston startups. That list was actually half of my Top 10 Boston startups. So without further adieu, here are the other 5 startups.


Weft is tackling a very unsexy industry, shipping, but what they're trying to accomplish is awesome. By tracking ports and shipping containers around the world Weft is able to predict the supply and backup of products from port to port. The power of data!


Talko makes talking on the phone a lot more enjoyable and a lot more productive. With Talko you can send texts, record voice, send pics and talk live within the app. And most useful, you can add multiple tags to conversations at the exact second where pertinent information was shared.


LevelUp is a mobile payment app that's been around for a handful of years now. I'm still not convinced that paying with an iPhone is easier than a credit card, but what I love about LevelUp is that it consolidates all of my monthly purchases into one bill. This way I don't have 31 charges for coffee on my bank account every month.


Mustbin is a hyper secure app that I use to store the dozens of passwords that we all need to remember on a daily basis. However, this Downtown Crossing­based startup offers a lot more. One new feature within Mustbin's secure messaging platform is true message deletion that allows you to delete messages from every recipient's phone whenever you want that message deleted.


Fancred is a very popular sports app that connects fans around the world with the teams they love. Opening Day is only 38 days away and with Fancred you can follow all the content and pics about our beloved Boston Red Sox.