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20 classic April Fools' Day pranks that will work on anyone

April Fools' Day brings out the best and worst out of people.
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    Cut pieces of black construction paper into the shape of bugs. Put fake bugs inside a|Reddit

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    The air horn prank is classic and can be executed at home or at the office.

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    Replace your coworkers items with cardboard cutouts. |Imgur

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    If you know someone who hates Justin Bieber, print out a bunch of Bieber pics and pla|Twitter

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    This is a good one for kids. Freeze a bowl of cereal and give it to someone special. |Reddit

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    If your job has photos of coworkers hanging on the wall, why not replace one with |Reddit

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    This is just mean. Just when your office mates think they are getting a box of delici|Twitter

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    This could possibly fool someone you know, but then again they may also appreciate|Imgur

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    If you really want to be mean, fill up a container with mac and cheese powder, mix it|

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    Place small pieces of colored Play-Doh on someone's windshield. When they turn on |

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    Make someone beleive you made a batch of yummy candy apples.


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    Fill a showerhead with a soup mix. Wait for the scream.


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    Surprise your coworker with an office makeover.


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    Know a cookie lover? Replace the cream in the middle with some toothpaste and wait|Instagram

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    Use clear nail polish and paint a bar of soap. Wait for reaction.

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    Put a notice on the copy machine that informs people the copier is now voice activ|Reddit

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    Take a plain cup and write a simple message on it to make someone think there is a|

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    Fool someone into believing you're baking cookies. Use mashed potatoes and black b|

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    If you really want to frustrate someone at work, take their mouse and cover the se|Imgur

Sometimes pranks may be as simple as covering the sensor on a computer mouse while others are more involved and may take some preparation and craftiness to make someone laugh or become angry.

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We’ve rounded up some of the best pranks to play on just about anyone for April Fools’ Day. Friends and coworkers beware.


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