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Brazilian sex shop reveals its Olympic line

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(Reuters) - According to a sex shop in Sao Paulo, during the Rio Olympics everyone can be an athlete, or more specifically a 'Sex Athlete', in keeping with new line of Games-themed toys shop owners unveiled.

"The range is called 'Sex Athletes', and consists of gels for the lower regions, which cool or heat up, vibrators, costumes, it is a complete range which references the Olympics Games," Director General of the Hot Flowers sex shop, Lucas Bertipaglia, explained.

As Brazil heats up for the three weeks of Olympic action beginning August 5, Bertipaglia hopes to get the nation involved in the spirit of the Games.

The range includes nation-themed costumes from Germany, the United States, Greece and Asia, among others, costing between 60 and 190.40 Brazilian reais (18.40 to 58.50 U.S. dollars).

Where traditional sectors have seen low activity amid Brazil's worst generation since the 1930s, Bertipaglia says the nation is turning its mind and money elsewhere.


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