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Deer attacks driver in bizarre dashcam footage

New Jersey police department releases video showing deer hit by car leap into car and attack driver.

Dashcam video from a responding officer's car captures the deer attack the driver.Howell Township Police Department

Bambi finally fought back.

A New Jersey police department just released oneofficer's stunning dashcam footage that shows a deer hit by a car attack the driver with its hoofs.

The Howell Township Police Department also dubbed the tape with some sci-fi music like the soundtrack from "Blade Runner" that makes this particular revenge scene particularly gripping.

The incident occurred on the evening of Sept. 17 in Howell, according to 6ABC, which posted the video online Wednesday.

An officer saw the deer run across the road and slam into an SUV ahead of him while responding to a call on Oak Glen Road.

Before his eyes, the deer ran up to the car as the 43-year-old woman driving opened her door after pulling over and started attacking her.

"In what appears to be a scene from a cheap comedy, Sager physically struggles with the rather large deer and has to kick the deer out of her vehicle and quickly close the door to keep it out," the Howell Township police department said in a press release.

The driver suffered a minor knee injury during the fracas. The deer later died due to injuries from the crash, 6ABC reported.


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