Next week, Cleveland will play host to the Republican National Convention. While it's no doubt to be a star-studded event, with billionaire and TV personality-cum-presidential candidate Donald Trump leading the pack, it seems attendees will be in for a very special guest Monday.

According to the RNC's official app (iPhone/Android), America's first president and original Brexit-er George Washington will address the party. In fact, he's the only person listed under the app's 'Speakers' section.

He's been dead since 1799 – hey, Tupac pulled it off – but the party has booked General Washington during the Tuesday prime-time program, and even included a biography on the former delegate and commander-in-chief. They conveniently left out the date he died.

Washington preceded the 22nd Amendment, but already served eight years as president. So even if Mitt Romney tries stage a coup against Trump, Washington will be off the table. 

Other rumored speakers include Scott Walker and Ted Cruz