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10 Christmas decorations for the Trump supporter in your life

The Trumpkins are gone, and terse Thanksgiving dinner discussionshave been cast aside. But crafty folk are still capitalizing on President-elect Donald Trump’s ‘yuge brand.

Whether you need a gag gift for left-leaning friends, or want to deck your halls with the 45thpresident’s visage, these holiday-themed gifts are sure to catch a few yuks.

Trump Tree Topper

The prez-elect has a star on Hollywood Boulevard, and he’s made cameos in plenty of blockbuster hits. Now you can letthe next commander-in-chief shine atop your tree.

Handmade by New Zealand-based EtsyshopYoung Adult, this star sells for $12.47, plus shipping and handling.

Trump Lumps Christmas Coal

Know someone who’s been naughty this year? Give them the gift they deserve!

Each bag is filled with several pieces of Pennsylvania anthracite coal and a message from Santa, and sells for $8.99.

Six-piece glass ornament set

These six glass ornaments are sure to get you in the spirit for Inauguration Day. In fact, these might be reason enough to keep the tree up past New Year’s.

The set sells for $30 from The Doll House Etsy shop and shipping is free in the United States.

MAGA Grinch Vanity Plate

You don’t have to sit behind the wheel of a pickup truck to own this vanity plate. Let every driver on the road know that you want to make America (and Christmas) great again.

Not like you need to ask, but this plate was made in the USA. It sells for $18.99, plus shipping fees.

Donald Trump Piñata Ornaments

Hang these slightly intimidating ornaments from the tree, a window, a rearview mirror or even a keychain — anywhere you need a little Trump in your life.

Each ornament sells for $9 fromMosaic Bones Etsy shop; shipping is additional.

Red Cap Collectible

Even Trump’s team is getting in the holiday spirit. This brass and 24-karat gold ornament comes straight from the president-elect’s shop and is made in the likeness of his iconic red hat. Fair warning: we’re not sure where this was made.

Make your tree great again with this collectible, currently priced at $149.

Donald Trump Cookie Cutter

Still not enough Trump in your life? Whip up your favorite batch of sugar cookie dough and douse the billionaire in red and green sprinkles and serve him at your next holiday party. Tremendous.

This handmade item was made in Russia (gasp!) and sells for $6 plus shipping from Etsy.

Naughty, Nice or Deplorable T-Shirt

Let Santa know where you really stand on his list, and wear this shirt while you’re waiting for the jolly fella’ to come sliding down the chimney. We just can’t guarantee what kind of gift you’ll receive.

Buy it on Etsy from Long Island-based shirt shop Thread Rock for $13.95. Long sleeves available for an additional price.

Donald Trump Prayer Candle

We won’t ask what you’re praying for, just remember this is the season of giving, folks. Made from unscented wax, this votive shows the three sides of the president-elect: his smile, his anger and his hair. Still undecided about the election? This Etsy shop owner also offers a set of three with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Buy for $18 plus shipping.

Trump Train Wreath

Phew! The house is done, right? Finish up decorating at the front door with this Trumped-out wreath. Let the block know you’re so dedicated to Christmas that you may even get tired of Christmas.

Prices start at $60 and is available in two sizes.

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