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10 companies with cool perks for parents


Google and Apple made headlines two weeks ago when they announced they would start paying for female employees to freeze their eggs. While some argue this is a step back for women by encouraging them to put off having a family and soly focus on work, many are pumped that this new benefit is being offered. But Apple and Google aren’t the only companies offering family-focused benefits. Here, we highlight some other pretty awesome places to work if you’re a parent.

1. Abbott

Health care company Abbott placed second on Working Mother magazine’s list of the 100 best companies for working mothers for having daycare facilities right at the workplace. Parents who think having their child in the same building is a little too close for comfort can use one of the 2,800 daycare discounts the company offers elsewhere.

2. Southwest Airlines

Most of us have to save up for a family vacation, but if you work for Southwest Airlines, it’s a lot easier because the company provides free flights for family and friends, according to Business Insider. They also host several family fun days throught the year, like a chili cook-off.

3. Yahoo!

When there’s an exclamation point in your name, you’re pretty much obligated to provide some company fun and Yahoo! delivers – for the whole family. Employees enjoy discounts on amusement parks and ski resorts. The company also throws every new parent a baby shower.

4. Accenture

Balancing work and home can be a struggle for any parent, which is why Accenture offers seminars on how to do it for their employees.There are also a variety of support groups parents can join, such as one specifically for working mothers.

5. Bain & Co.

If you’re a mom, you know how tough it is to find time to work out or get a manicure. Well not for employees at this consulting firm. Bain & Co offers on-site manicures, massages, yoga and stress-sessions. There are also special maternity and adoption workshops for soon-to-be parents.

6. Mattel

If you’ve ever skipped one of your child’s field trips because you didn’t want to take a day off of work, you’ll envy the workers at Mattel: the toy company gives employees 16 paid hours for school-related events, like parent-teacher conferences or field trips. Oh, and an obvious perk: lots and lots of cool toys.

7. Genentech Inc.

This San Francisco biotech company not only has on-site child and pet care, they also offer drop-off laundry service and six-week sabbaticals to prevent burnout, according to Woman’s Day magazine. Having your laundry done at work so you can spend weekends playing with your kids? Now that’s cool.

8. Facebook

At Facebook, new moms and dads both get six weeks of paid leave to be with their newborn. But the parenting perks don’t stop there. The company completely reimburses child care fees, pays for adoptions and gives each new parent $4,000 of “baby cash,” according to Business Week Daily.

9. Bon Secours Virginia Health System

This employer has family benefits for parents with kids of all ages. For employees with young kids, there is on-site daycare and summer camp. For teens, the company offers a volunteer program and babysitting classes. According to Working Mother magazine, employees also get $5,000 each year in tuition aid for kids in college.

10. Ernst & Young LLP

For many parents, the sturggle of caring for both their kids and elderly parents is a harsh reality, which is why Ernst & Young LLP offers services to help with both. They also offer a referral service for nannies, babysitters and daycare.

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