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10 facts you’ll really wish weren’t true

Are You Sh*tting me?

We really do live in a sick, sad world and writer Cary McNeal compiled 1,0004 facts to prove it. Ranging from amusing to downright disgusting, his new book “Are You Sh*tting Me?” contains all the things you didn’t want to know, but won’t be able to resist sharing with anyone who will listen. Here, we round up 10:

1. “Sixteenth-century women would apply puppy urine to their faces, believing it was beneficial to the skin’s health and complexion. I’m wondering if they collected the urine first or just held puppies over their heads.”

2. “Fecal germs can travel through 10 layers of toilet paper.”

3. “Research suggests that the average American tells seven lies a week. OK – that’s a lie. We tell about 11 lies a week, on average.”

4. “Egyptian women used crocodile dung as spermicide.”

5. “A cockroach can live two weeks without water and almost a month without food. Just like Kate Moss.”

6. “Your food may contain rat feces. The U.S. Food and Drug Adminstration allows a small abount of droppings to be present in commercial food products because rats find their way into food products so frequently.”

7. “Rats have indiscriminate mating habits, often copulating with siblings or parents. As a result, rats are the largest single group of mammals in the animal kingdom.”

8. “The FDA allows for a can of mushrooms to include more than 20 maggots and 75 mites in every one hundred grams.”

9. “The average fast-food eater swallows 12 pubic hairs per year.”

10. “Early condoms were made of fish bladders, animal intestines and linen soaked with chemicals to prevent disease.”

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